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Time to listen to your Intuition?

Or to act with intention to fulfill your dreams?

Clare Russell, Intuition coach, healer and sacred travel leader offers in person and online Soul Sessions
Experience training with Clare to become confidently Intuitive, awaken your power of intention and reclaim your vitality or take a spiritual tour or retreat with Clare to sacred sites.
 Clare’s expertise is to lovingly support individuals and groups in reconnecting with their inner compass and living to their highest potential.  Gentle yet with a mystics clarity,  Clare’s work nurtures your Soul so you can live on purpose, stress free and joyfully in flow.
Reigniting your heart wisdom of love and truth,  Clare’s offering brings together deep soulful experience with practical guidance on how to ‘be, do and have’ a fulfilled and magical life.  Contact clare@clarerussell.com  Tel: +(44) 7966 253111



Clare's Blog:

Harvest Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse – Energy Update & Heartfulness Ritual

So remember when I was saying that this was a BIG month with BIG eclipse energies?? Well although it might feel like a lifetime ago, the solar eclipse was only 2 weeks ago. And on Friday we have our Harvest Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse to take all this energy to the next level!! Below […]

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4 Ways to Listen to your Intuition when you Feel Overwhelmed (and how highly sensitive people can thrive effortlessly)

Listen to your Intuition

‘Listen to your intuition’ says your inner voice, yet often our reply comes rapidly, but how? How can I know it’s my intuition talking? When the unexpected happens, a crisis arrives or even the edge of what feels like a huge opportunity, you know no-one else can tell you the answer to the zillions of […]

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