4 Ways to Listen to your Intuition when you Feel Overwhelmed (and how highly sensitive people can thrive effortlessly)

‘Listen to your intuition’ says your inner voice, yet often our reply comes rapidly, but how? How can I know it’s my intuition talking? When the unexpected happens, a crisis arrives or even the edge of what feels like a huge opportunity, you know no-one else can tell you the answer to the zillions of questions that are running through your mind. You have an inner sense that now is the time to listen to your intuition yet you feel foggy, blank or jumpy and overwhelmed with the level of high speed input and ideas coming at you.

If you are, or have been, in that state of desperately wanting to call on the peaceful clarity of your intuition, but feel blocked and distanced from your inner guidance system then I can relate. I have been there through many different twists and turns in my life. I remember the painful sensitivity of my early 20’s where each emotion was an overwhelming influx of feeling and intensity that I did not know what do to with. Over a number of years this took me into a self guided journey of finding out how to bring harmony to my self and listen to a deeper flow of wisdom. I discovered that there are simple ways (and perhaps easier than you think) of being able to listen to your intuition, even if things feel overwhelming or you are a highly sensitive person (HSP).

Listen to your Intuition

Then, as I went out into the world of work and became successful in the business and marketing world, I was faced with a dichotomy; my intuition really worked in making me successful but I also needed to fit in, appear normal and not too ‘hippy’ in order to be accepted. My heart dearly wanted to be accepted and an inner split happened that meant my intuition would flit in and out, but could not be trusted to be there all the time. This was because my inner highly sensitive person (HSP) was seen as a ‘bit of a hippy’ at work and would choose a ‘fog up and blank out strategy’ of unacceptable magical tendencies in order to fit in and not give away who she truly was. Yet the tragedy was that this meant that sometimes I held my cards so close to my chest that not even I could read them. And if I had continued to live in this way, a vital part of me would have got lost.

So in my late 20’s I left my marketing job, got on a plane to some officially off the chart hippy workshops in California and found myself sitting next to a Reiki Master, spiritual coach who had ‘intended’ to sit next to someone of interest (I had just qualified as a Reiki Master). She then proceeded to give me a full tarot and astrological reading over the rest of the flight! Needless to say the universe had taken the opening I gave it and started a whole synchronicity guided radical reawakening of my intuition. Over a number of years, I became obsessed with the nuances and ways that I could stay connected to my intuition no matter what. Healing the inner split of my being meant loving me as hippy, magical, intuitive as well as practical and logical. I learnt everything from meditation, yoga and spiritual coaching to energy healing, as my intuition guided me. All of which led me into now nearly 10 years of guiding others on how to listen to your intuition, no matter what, so that when the big choices arise, even when your HSP freaks out… you can still hear and can still listen to your intuition.

Listen to your Intuition

Because it’s my belief and experience that when you do listen to your intuition and know how to hear it with clarity and centred sensitivity, then you get the best possible advice you could. You hear your inner truth and it illuminates a host of magical possibilities in your world that were previously dimmed out in the fog of overwhelm.

If you want to release the overwhelm and attune to your intuition try one or more of these four practices and principles. Each one takes just a few minutes. Maybe try them out and then work with your favourite a few times this week.

1# Tune in to your body

We are incredibly disconnected from our bodies, yet to listen to your intuition it’s vital that you are at home in your body. It’s a massive part of overwhelm that we live only through our thoughts and head logic. The left brain logical you is only one part of the whole of you and was never supposed to operate in isolation. Your body’s intelligence will take you towards health and vitality. It will ground all those electrical frequencies (both made by ours and others thoughts + electronics/wifi, etc) so you don’t feel ‘short fused’ but well earthed and centred. More than that it’s your way into your shamanic intuitive intelligence that connects you to the earth, the living conscious of Gaia. You can even work with it intelligently to tune in to your intuition at auspicious times.

Listen to your Intuition Practice: With bare feet or hands on the earth, or even just lying on the earth, listen to your breathing and feel your body. Intend to let go of anything you no longer need with ease. Sync with your breathing and, as you breathe out through your mouth, intend to blow out anything you no longer need into the earth. Then listen to your body, notice where you feel free and easy and where you feel achy. Then imagine – if those parts of your body could speak, what would they say? Listen to the intuitive body wisdom that comes back.

Listen to your Intuition

2# Love your heart

This is the beginning of descending from the brain into the deeper intuitive self. We all know that the 3rd eye wisdom, perhaps especially for HSPs, can leave you heady, spacey and sometimes more jumbled that you started… especially without your heart connection. To listen to your intuition and gain insight you can feel and trust involves welcoming your heart wisdom into your intuitive world. The key to really hear your heart to speak to you through all the emotions, fears and grief that life brings is self love and acceptance.

Listen to your Intuition Practice: Bring your hands to your heart and speak in your inner or outer voice, ‘I love you, I accept you’ – so simple yet so powerful. Do try it and let yourself feel love and acceptance. You are opening the way to listen to your intuition on a whole new level.

Listen to your Intuition

3# Intuition is never in a rush

The type of time experience where it should have happened yesterday and tomorrow is already descending on you with a weight of worries and decisions, is not the type of time that intuition happens in. Intuition can happen instantly and it can emerge slowly through an elegant unfolding of the most beautiful journey that feels like a timeless flow.  If you want to listen to your intuition you need to sync in with this timeless time, sometimes also called the now and ‘being present’.

Listen to your Intuition Practice: Breathe in and out of your nose, tracking your breath and allowing your breath to slow. Feel your breath on the inside of your nostrils. Use a simple mantra to reconnect you to this timeless mystery of you such as, ‘I am that I am’ or ‘I am light/ infinite/ peace’.  After a few breaths ask your essence soul spirit self to speak and share with you, leave a space and then listen.

Listen to your Intuition

4# Meet yourself ‘in the field’

‘Out beyond ideas of right or wrong there is a field – ‘I’ll meet you there’ Rumi. Often one of the reasons why you might feel overwhelmed is due to the pressure or fear of getting it wrong, making the wrong choice, offending someone, loosing out. Right/wrong thinking is very rigid, black and white and is based on our past experiences of what is wrong and right… which might not even be what your essence self thinks is good logic! When you are listening to your intuition you are moving into a creative space where each moment of your future is open. You have a fresh page in front of you, many colours and expressions can go onto that page. And from Rumi’s field of intuitive knowing and possibility you will find something much more rewarding, richer and deeper.

Listen to your Intuition Practice: To get to the field I invite you to let go your serious adult and welcome your inner child to bring his/her playful curiosity. Bring the ‘child’s mind’ of one who is curious, open, learning, discovering; one who brings playfulness even. You might even imagine calling forward your inner child, saying hello and asking him or her to guide you in what might be fun to do, or exploring different options. She/he will shift your energy, lighten you and take you to new possibilities. And as you imagine looking through the eye of your playful inner child, what do you see? What feels good? What do you hear?

Listen to your Intuition

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