5 ways to create lasting change in this year of the Fire Monkey

On Monday 8th February we enter into the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey! The Fire Element of transformation combined with the active, risk taking, energetic, intelligent, lover of the new and interesting Monkey energy offers an opportunity to jump into the new and take leaps and bounds forwards through play.

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However, if you want to sustain the changes you make, it’s wise to consider how you can set yourselves up for success and not get distracted, overwhelmed or make choices that don’t really suit you in the longer run. A fifty year clinical study * was done comparing those people who naturally were successful self-changers (that is they created significant positive change and sustained that change) vs those who made changes, but could not sustain them.

The study showed that one of the key difference of what made successful self-changers successful was how they Begin their process of change. Those who did not sustain their change in general missed 3 vital steps at the beginning.

Your 5 Ways to create lasting change this year of the Fire Monkey, (which can be found below), build on these steps, whilst also providing insight into the vital energetics to create your successful change.

From an energetic point of you – how you begin something has a massive influence on its long term success, because the energy you give your projects at the beginning is its fuel. If the fuel is gunky, or there is not enough, you won’t travel far until this underlying energy has been righted. Of course its possible to do this at any point in your journey, however when you do this at the beginning you create a lot more flow, energy and enjoyment of your successful change!


This new moon (and start of Chinese New year of the Monkey) I’m offering a special New Lunar year In Sync with your Purpose Inner Circle event that is going to be an amazing opportunity to really build good energy around your goals and projects for the year ahead. This is a magically charged group video coaching event that allows you to build your intentions in sync with the creative cycles of the moon. You’ll be guided to tune into what the year of the Fire Monkey means for you so that you are empowered to make the most of the new lunar year energies. You can find out more here.

Your 5 Ways to Begin and Sustain Change this year of the Fire Monkey

# 1: Have a collective ‘powwow’ with yourself: Unification

Within the successful self-change model this is called ‘pre-contemplation’. From an energetic point of you, it’s all about ‘Unification’ – you are gathering your resources, even the ones that you didn’t know you had! It’s beyond conscious rational thought (because your greater self is sooo much more!) and is most easily accessed through heart led practices, sacred intent setting and aligning your energy body through your chakras and auric field. Unification means the widest sense of you is fully here, present and engaged with your process of change.


# 2: Reflect before you React

I’m all for spontaneous flow and energy (and so is the year of the Monkey!), but only when it’s from a true sense of self and personal-spiritual alignment. If you feel an uncomfortable energy that you feel forced to respond to/get rid of when you are creating change, then most likely you are coming from reaction. Reaction is necessarily disempowering because your actions are being caused by something you don’t want. Untangling reactive energy, breathing into inner challenge and discovering your true responsiveness is vital. This is the second stage of successful self-change, contemplation. What helps? – Courageous empathy, a held space of reflection by others, opening up to higher inspiration and asking specific empowering questions that enable you to move into the energy from which you want to create.

# 3: Prepare the Way

Even through the territory is new; we can draw the map, get our compass, acknowledge potential challenges and ready our responses. Although Preparation (3rd stage of successful self-change model) doesn’t sound sexy, it absolutely is because basically it’s you saying to yourself, ‘I love myself enough and believe in me enough to set myself up for success’. This includes asking for help…and receiving support, letting go of rushing, finding your natural rhythm and gathering with others. This is the part of beginning where you identify your go to strategies to support you when it feels tough and elevate you to go for it and find previously unseen possibilities. Even Monkey’s have tough days and need to ensure there is a good supply of banana’s and friends around to give them a little massage!

# 4: Get in sync with the natural cycles of growth

We live in a topsy turvey world where we are encouraged to constantly produce in a never ending cycle of action, which by the way is the main fault of those who don’t successfully self-change because they jump to action without the 3 above stages. Nature also does not work that way. We are in winter now in the UK and if I were to judge nature for not coming up with the goods because the trees are bare, you would consider me absurd and misunderstanding the natural cycle of things. In every project and goal there IS time to seed, bud, flower, grow, fruit, compost and rest. In fact it’s Only when all that happens that we are fruitful. Our New Moon Inner Circle events are where we work with the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle and consider the energies around us at this time of year. This supports you to dream bigger and create bigger through regular support each month and permission to find your rhythm and learning to recognize the creative cycle – where you get stuck, where you are naturally strong and how to work with meditation and higher inspiration to guide you.

Cycle of nature

# 5: Begin well through being with your Tribe

One of the key things we are learning as humanity is how to work together, collaborate and create for the wider whole. Individual vs the world no longer works, only together will we create the changes we want to see. Equally we know that who we spend time with has a big impact on shaping us as a person. I would say also it’s not just who (because everyone’s pretty darn gorgeous underneath it all), but how we spend time together. When we gather together with sacred intent, in heart to heart connection and follow the energetic, metaphysical and practical creative cycle of change, together we can create miracles.

This is what I love about hosting group programs and events. We create a collective energy that enables us to leap like the fire monkey and reach that next tree/project or goal through being uplifted by the whole.

Monkey2016 200x200If you would like to join us for our next In Sync with your Purpose Inner Circle, I invite you to read more here – if you are quick you could also get one of the 3 remaining gorgeous Fire Monkey Hand made candles to ignite your Lunar year with gorgeous scent, colour and inspiration!



* For those of you ho are coaches or working with people moving through change the six stage process of Changing for Good, by Prochaska is a classic study in the field from fifty years of clinical trials – highly practical, straightforward and useful go to resource.  Here is the amazon link