Being your Authentic Self and overcoming the ‘Success Syndrome’

In Gina Lazenby’s interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard last week she talked about how many people are stuck in the ‘Success Syndrome’ which is preventing them from seeing and having the confidence to live their full creative purpose.

Waking up to the ‘Success Syndrome’ is such a pivotal moment in the journey of transformation. It’s the moment on the Hero or Heroine’s Journey when you look around your world with fresh eyes that are looking for truth, aliveness, joy, purpose… and you realise that it’s not what you thought it was!

success syndrome freedom

Somehow you have pinged out of a reality that was governed by ideas of success, rightness and truth that were never ‘yours’ and you are often left in a swirling unknown of possibility and question marks that, depending on your outlook, is either petrifying or exhilarating beyond what you thought possible!

The thing is, if this has happened to you – it’s a good sign! You woke up to asking the questions that are going to ignite your Authentic Self into consciously acting and creating your life. In fact you might find yourself asking:

  • What really matters to me?
  • What do I truly love?
  • What brings me joy?
  • Where am I healing, learning and growing?
  • What makes me feel alive?
  • How can I make a difference?

This Success Syndrome is insidious in our mainstream culture and it would love to sneak back in and re-instate itself as… (cue serious internal voice of the judgemental parent…) ‘what really matters’.

Living your Authentic Self is not a one-time decision but who you choose to be everyday and the more that you choose, the more it will become natural to you. Then overtime you will reveal more and more of this amazing Authentic Self that you are, shine brighter and brighter and remind others of who they are too.

Success syndrome authentic self

The below is a list of some of the ways that I see clients suffering from ‘Success Syndrome’, sometimes as a minor affliction through to more fully absorbing tendencies. Have a look below and see if you can identify your success syndrome triggers.

Characteristics of Success Syndrome

  • Living life based on others expectations of what is the right or good thing to do.
  • Missing the magical joyful experience of living because of a need to achieve the next goal to prove oneself.
  • Feeling on the never ending hamster wheel of busy doing.
  • Fearful of others judgements of you if you were to do what you really wanted to.
  • Managing the ‘small self’, missing the ‘true self’.
  • Work Life balance is way off, i.e. workaholics who do more and more in the areas they know they can achieve to avoid looking at those areas where they fear failure.
  • Energy drained and fatigued – all of the above takes a huge amount of energy with none of the below to fill up again.
  • Disconnected from creativity – creativity is a dangerous place for the success addicts! It’s totally unpredictable and unknown.
  • Disconnected from love – you can’t buy or prove love. Self love and love of others starts from radical acceptance, including our epic fail moments.
  • Disconnected from purpose – your purpose will call you to be more than you ever thought you could be – success addicts need to put parameters on potential success to feel safe and prove their worth. Your ‘evolutionary purpose’ as BMH calls it wants to take you on a journey to the stars and cosmos. It will ask you to grow through your vulnerability into your brilliance.
  • Feeling life is mundane, dull and disconnected from the mystical experience of sacredness.

The Good News

Your Authentic Self is just that… it is the real, true, essential, undeniable, fully whole and present you. Whereas the Success Syndrome is faking it with the best smoke and mirrors it can conjure and, as alarming and intense as it might feel, when you look at it clearly with truth and love it dissolves.

sucess syndrome colour

I trust in your Authentic Self beyond all measures! The true you is just phenomenally brilliant at lighting the way to deep fulfilment, creativity, magical living, beautiful healing and soul power.

To inspire the authentic self that you are here are 7 great ways to light up your forward path of evolutionary purpose and deep joy:

#1 Weekly Mantras: Tune in each week and ask who am I going to be this week? Start with ‘I am’ and choose qualities that feel totally right for your soul. For example ‘I am confident, calm, centred’. In our Live Magically 5 day program this is where we start, with an intuitive process to really feel and know your mantra.

sucess syndrome magic mantra

#2 Cultivate the Learners Mindset: A simple shift to, in any given moment, choosing to embrace learning, to enjoy stretching yourself, to praise yourself on exploring, trying and experimenting and let that be your achievement first. You’ll find that the outcomes you might seek will happen with greater enjoyment and flow as you enjoy the flow of learning.

#3 Embrace Vulnerability as Strength: I love this one. This is the healing balm of the hearts wisdom. When we are emotionally open and hence willing to be vulnerable, we open ourselves to true aliveness, possibility, creativity, love and all the good stuff! For example, when you don’t know all the answers, you’re going to learn amazing things, ask questions whose answers expand your reality. When you can’t control what others might say and do, you open to real relationship, connection and love that will emblazon your heart with joy! Brene Brown’s Ted Talk on vulnerability will give you the most beautiful inspiration.

sucess syndrome creativity

#4 Cultivate your Intuitive wisdom: Your intuition comes direct from your Authentic Self so it totally bypasses the external shoulds, ought tos, can’ts and coulds. Check out these blogs for some exercises to develop your intuition.

#5 Re-choose your Social Interactions: The success syndrome exists in the social milieu, so a great way to face and release its triggers are re-choosing how and with whom you interact socially. So start by bringing your weekly mantra to your individual conversations and interactions – how might you need to speak or be differently in order to live your mantra? What might you need to stop saying? What might you want to talk about more? The power of the group is energetically amazing for supporting you to shift individually. So join a group that inspires you, that awakens your creativity, purpose or intuition. You can check out our meetup groups:

#6 Authentic Self Listening Time: The essence of you is so beyond the thinking mind or the world of words. Part of the western Success Syndrome is defining the world through the left brain’s analytical view of the world. When you choose to listen to other aspects of you, you can drop more easily into the Authentic Self. Some suggestions are: Dance, move, sing – express through your body and all your cells, or guided meditations to support you in accessing a deep sense of peace and self awareness.

sucess syndrome dance

#7 Self – Love Practices: Heart wisdom and practices, see my articles on Heartfulness is the new mindfulness and Letting the love in. It may feel cheesy, it may feel like the last thing you want to do, however of all of these steps – if you choose to commit to develop self love and acceptance you will be on the fast track to living your authentic self everyday!