Are your new year’s resolutions looking the wrong way?

We are ready and ‘soul designed’ to dream our year ahead into being, however…I know that many people at this time of year are avoiding new year’s resolutions because they feel so heavy energetically, like they are correcting ‘bad behavior’ from the last year and being punished and promising to do better next time!

…Unsurprisingly then our inner rebel gets ready to take action! You might have found that you are refusing point blank to set them, or if you are setting them your inner rebel does everything within its power to avoid, not succeed and self sabotage them!

rebel resolutions

And sometimes quite honestly I’m on the side of the inner rebel, because actually we are creating our new year’s resolutions looking the wrong way – looking back on the last year with a judgmental gaze and bringing that energy forward to create your next year! Energetically yuck!

I remember going through one such year of ‘should do’s’ of new year’s resolutions and making what at the time was a radical choice for me, I will only set new year’s resolutions that genuinely inspire me, sound fun and are a pleasure rather than a bore.

The year before my new year’s resolutions were a long list of ‘must do better’ reprimands, such as ‘go running at least 5 times a week’, ‘eat more healthy foods’, ‘read more classic fiction books’ (seriously – that actually was one!). Not that there is anything wrong with having the desire to eat more healthily, be fitter and more well read – the thing is I was not coming from genuine desire, but effectively looking for what I perceived as my weaknesses from the last year and poking it with my best dose of judgment to see if I could shift it a bit!

New Year’s Dreaming:

Conversely my year of only setting inspired, fun new year’s resolutions shifted to, ‘have a dinner party each month and cook something new’, ‘go on an artists date every couple of weeks’, ‘enjoy running in fresh air’ (I was living in London at the time so this last one combined my desire to get into nature and the parks with being active). Gone was the must do’s and instead I felt inspired by possibility and thus my rebel had no cause for complaint – these were things I wanted to do anyway. New year’s resolutions were just the opportunity to write them down and build good energy around them.

Because actually new year’s resolutions are just a good excuse to stop, reflect and choose more of what you want to experience in your life. They can be about empowerment, freedom, dreaming, creativity, gratitude and celebration!

new year's resolutions

Are you willing to let your 2016 to start with such lightness?

Can you trust yourself that you are that gorgeous, supported and powerful that following your bliss can uplift you into your best year yet?

It does take little daily choices to reprogram yourself and to navigate life based on what you want vs what you don’t want; however I promise it’s very worth your while.

One way that will greatly support you is uplifting your energy through gathering with like hearted souls charting their growth based on putting love at the centre of their life. That’s one reason why I created the ‘In Sync with your Purpose Inner Circle’ who meet virtually for 90 minutes once a month to build energy, clarity and courage to live their dreams.

We have just 8 places left for this month’s video call where I will be facilitating a ‘new year’s dreaming’ session to really activate your year mind heart and soul!

So, what does it mean to ‘look the right way’ when creating your year ahead?

#1. You have full permission to let go the term new year’s resolutions

Who wants to ‘re-solve’ an error of the past? So if this were a time of inspirational creation, what would you call it? New year’s dreaming? 2016 wonderment creation? ‘The bliss package for 2016’? If it feels good, full of lightness and possibility – go for it!

# 2. See with kindness, confidence and Big Self eyes

‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”

Albert Einstein

So if you look back on your last year through the consciousness of ‘I failed, I will try to fail less badly this year’, Einstein would say, expect more of the same.

However if you can look back at the last year with kindness, valuing yourself, seeing your strengths and being guided by your bigger self on where you are learning and growing then you can start to innovate and create. This Big Self is the one who knows you are born with Soul Goals that are going to inspire you to reveal your fully resourceful and empowered aliveness. It sees far more than the ego can and brings in huge amounts of confidence and trust. This is also the part of you we will be tapping into in the Inner Circle session this Monday 11th.

big self resolutions

#3. Be ready for the extraordinary and beyond your wildest dreams

The year I changed my new year’s resolutions to new year’s dreaming was my last year in London, before I moved to Shanghai for a new role that led to me leaving my job, retraining in healing and coaching and setting up my own business!

That first year of bringing a whole different energy to my new year’s dreaming meant that I started to think differently – new ideas and options popped in with clarity. For example, I worked out I wanted to live abroad in a completely different culture, in a great city and by Feb 2nd I was living there having been offered a role and given 4 weeks to pack up, learn some mandarin and get on a plane!

More than that I had started to become aware of and really feel what I wanted and desired AND my wants and desires were infused with possibility, excitement, pleasure and joy! This different energy shifted my whole being and attracted sooo many amazing experiences and opportunities that totally transformed my life.

My dream creation happened NOT from having the tightest planned year, but by letting go of the weight, creating goals that felt like treats and embracing a lighter way of being.

Why not give it a go this year for yourself?
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Many Blessings for 2016! May it be filled with wonder, joy, abundance, love, health, prosperity and everything that your heart’s desires.