Awaken the Fire Within: The power of Intention to create effortlessly

Candles Effective intention is the mastery of your capacity to create through the direction of consciousness towards an end goal.   Consciousness is not an abstract notion that lives your mind, but rather a tangible, embodied substance expressed through you. When you awaken to this subtle source of creation, life changes, old excuses are gone forever and you’re free to co-create with the universe in magical ways.

Through intention we transform and grow, we harness the power of our spirit and light our pathway forward.  When we are intentional we cut through the crap.  What was previously an obstacle or a total block to our creation melts.  We are connected to a stream of creative consciousness that knows how to create, how to manifest.  People who use their power of intention are manifestors of the highest order.  They are not afraid to make their mark on the world and they do so with such great positivity that they normally inspire others to do the same.

The skill of intention is that we use the power of consciousness to do the hard work, instead of running around in life trying to create everything from the Newtonian ‘bricks and mortar’ world.  An Intender gets things done through inspiration, vision, confidence and joyful interaction with the world.  An intender carries themselves through a tough patch with the power of their thought and vision.  They are masters of the subtle realm and know the laws of the universe.

“We are what we think we are. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world’ Buddha

When you are disconnected from your intention you can put in a lot of effort with minimal rewards.  You can feel like you’re running faster and faster of a hamster wheel to nowhere, spending most of your time fire fighting problems vs working on what really drives and calls you.   Disconnected from intention internal voices of the saboteur, the doubter, the quick fixer come in and try to make your decisions for you – often in the wrong direction, based on short term, action heavy, inner conflict creating situations.    Without the power of intention you cannot action all your intuitions.   Holding deep wisdom and having no way of using it for personal and collective benefit, can lead to feeling helpless, blaming ourselves and others or opting out and choosing the victim perspective.

The power of intention on the other hand can create miracles, it inspires others, it creates trust, it leads teams, it builds your self confidence as you actually become who you know you can be. It is the active life giving aspect of consciousness that fires up your soul power to make a difference, to choose your personal values and live them daily and hourly.  It is your passport to creating sustained change in your life and loves.

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