Become Confident in your Intuition

Confident IntuitiveMy vision is that I live in a world where we are all confidently intuitive, where we always have access to the clear wise voice of our inner wisdom.  Our connection to intuition means we live naturally creative, purposeful lives.  We grow and learn with ease, navigating life’s challenges with grace and transforming into our true potential.   So what do intuitive people look like?

Intuitive people are deeply connected to their purpose, they know from the inside out what is what in their lives.  They listen with a finely attuned ear to their inner voice which becomes their compass for living. They feel at peace because any outer or inner conflict is resolved by their intuitive wisdom.  Even when in completely new territory they are never lost, the inner guide shows them the way.  Having vision even when they don’t see yet, the intuitive person has trust and faith that they will know what they need to know when they need to know it.  Because of this they are more likely to take risks, be more creative and step into new possibilities.  They have a cat like ability to land on their feet because of the precision and speed at which their intuition brings them into balance, and their confidence to jump into new territory comes from  knowing they have their most important resource at their fingertips – self knowledge and soul direction.

Intuitive people learn how valuable ALL the information is around them and in them.  They can feel, sense and understand the subtle nuances of the physical, mental and emotional body.  Instead of being thrown around by circumstance or sudden changes, they ride the waves of transformation into new vistas.   In my experience intuitive people also have more trusted friends.  Their relationships are both fulfilling and life affirming because they can communicate whats happening on the inside and listen deeply to the meaning behind the words from their friends, partners and family.

Intuitive people are not simply ‘sensitive’ or ‘gifted’ with  ‘psychic’ perception.  Sure, they are able to tune into subtle realms that most people only occasionally get a glimpse of,  however they can integrate this in their life.  To have an ‘inner tutor’  or intuition means that these subtle information pathways become useful and valuable ways of knowing yourself.  Confident intuitives use their inner wisdom in a way that is in total harmony and in positive support of their effective engagement with the outer world.  Perhaps surprisingly, often its the most sensitive of us that need to learn to be intuitive, I’ve seen many defense strategies for the sensitive person, for example; straight out denial of the subtle realms, dumbing down of emotions, avoiding social interactions, controlling their environment, becoming people pleasers and loosing connection to their own inner direction.   This fear and separation from the world is the first line of defense for an ‘over sensitive’ person.  Actually, those who might be deeply gifted in accessing the subtle realm  are often desensitize because of the fear of being overloaded and thus perhaps actually miss important information for creative, purposeful lives.

Intuitive people walk between worlds – the world of subtle inner explorations and the world of outer reality and relationships.  They have discovered their natural and unique ways of engaging with the world and they value and appreciate their inner experience of themselves.

Intuitive people also seem to sparkle a little, as they experience the magic of life, the undercurrent of the subtle language of meaning, purpose and love that runs through all things.  Their positivity encourages others to look beneath the parapet of their lives, they are great friends because by being with them, we listen to ourselves better and get ureka moments.  Their inner knowing is neither cocky, nor fearful, but relaxed and present.  They know how to be with themselves and life and because of that are highly effective and happy people.   They are resilient to life’s changes and movements, able to read the tides, the upswells and the conditions.

Importantly, intuitives are also imagineers, dreamers and visionaries of the new world to come.   They are the leaders of positive change because they tap into future possibilities, having the confidence and discernment to know what to act upon when.  Living in ‘knowing’ instead of believing, they are undisturbed by others opinions of them, they receive feedback as more useful information trusting their intuition to deliver the gems of insight.

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