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Remember what’s possible & attract Synchronicity

I Invite you to take yourself to a time just after you did something you never thought you could do – you know that ‘holy cow’ moment of ‘that actually happened, I actually did that!!’ I would like you to remember one of those moments right now… it can be anything from a telepathic revelation, […]

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Heart on fire

Live Magically + Intuition Radio Show

Wow! Last week I offered a 5 day free challenge to live magically, the magic blew me away! In essence the program was me sharing the practice I work with very week to stay connected, in flow with miracles so that I can offer my gifts to the world in the best way of know […]

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How to listen to your intuition daily 

I was reminded recently of an experience I had sharing my story with a group of women who had recently become entrepreneurs and business owners. When I shared my story, the women in the room were deeply moved, many shed a few tears, and it ignited a new commitment in them to follow their dreams. In […]

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Dream state

You are a dreamer of infinite potential!

In June, over the summer solstice I welcomed an amazing sacred tribe to join me in Italy for a 4-day adventure into who we are, what we love and how to live our radiance.  There is more to share on this amazing inner journey and all that emerged, this article is about how for myself […]

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magnetic centre

How to access an Intuitive State of Consciousness

Your state of consciousness, and your ability to track and alter your state of being is key to the start of discovering your Intuition Compass. In fact, often our interest in our intuition has arisen because we are going through, or need to go through, a change of consciousness state. You might experience the following […]

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Inspired living; discover your Intuition Compass True North

Intuition is magical and the magic of your intuition comes from its ability to connect you to what really matters, to make sense on a deeper level of what life is really about. Yes intuition is very useful to find you a car parking space, to navigate conversations with grace and foreknowledge, however its my […]

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Expressing who you are and finding your flow

The art of creating and expressing is what feeds and nurtures your soul, your ability to Be who you are, and say yes to who you are – this is all essential in order to step into flow and synchronicity. Flow and synchronicity are not some neutral, objective stream of magic. It is your Magic, […]

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Does Everyone have an Intuition Compass?

Perhaps you know people in your life who are highly intuitive however you are not entirely sure if you can rely on and utilize your intuition in the same way?   Or perhaps you are one of those people that others describe as highly intuitive, however you have a secret fear that you are not really […]

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The Intuition Compass

After a hot and challenging Yoga teaching training class, my teacher Duncan is speaking to us; as usual I’m just glad to be listening rather than trying to hold a pose that seems impossible. As he’s speaking, he says the words ‘Yogi’s don’t believe, they know’. Everything he said before and after that point are […]

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