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How to access an Intuitive State of Consciousness

Your state of consciousness, and your ability to track and alter your state of being is key to the start of discovering your Intuition Compass. In fact, often our interest in our intuition has arisen because we are going through, or need to go through, a change of consciousness state. You might experience the following […]

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Are you an Intuitive Leader?

  According to John Gezema’s recent Athena Doctrine (64,000 person, 13 country piece of research) on leadership, the world is changing and as the world changes we want and need leaders to express and bring new qualities and values. Gezema identifies intuition as one of the top 10 most desirable qualities of a modern day […]

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Soul Stamina: from fizzling out to Soul Dreaming

Have you ever experienced those moments when everything is on track, you have a clear direction and plan for your life, then out of know-where,  something happens and motivation dies? As much as you know it should be there, your excitement about what you are creating just vanished.   It may be the most exciting project […]

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Becoming an Imagineer

We all have the potential in us, but what does it look like to live our creative purpose? Introducing the Imagineer You are pure creative potential, you are living in possibility and change is the liberator that moves you towards vast horizons. You know that ‘past truths’ are just a fraction of the totality of […]

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Awaken the Fire Within: The power of Intention to create effortlessly

Effective intention is the mastery of your capacity to create through the direction of consciousness towards an end goal.   Consciousness is not an abstract notion that lives your mind, but rather a tangible, embodied substance expressed through you. When you awaken to this subtle source of creation, life changes, old excuses are gone forever and […]

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