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Being your Authentic Self and overcoming the ‘Success Syndrome’

In Gina Lazenby’s interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard last week she talked about how many people are stuck in the ‘Success Syndrome’ which is preventing them from seeing and having the confidence to live their full creative purpose. Waking up to the ‘Success Syndrome’ is such a pivotal moment in the journey of transformation. It’s the […]

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Auric Field

Six Ways to Clear and Energise your Auric field

Have you ever felt like you’ve picked up energy that you didn’t want and weren’t sure how to get rid of it? Or perhaps you’ve gone into a social situation where you wanted to be fully present and alive, yet felt as if you were literally shrinking and involuntarily making yourself smaller before your own […]

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Why Clear Intuition comes from a Clear Energetic field

In my work as a healer, I learnt quite quickly that my ability to discern what’s happening in the client’s energetic field is greatly helped by the ‘clear space’ around me and my client. For example, on the outer level the room needs to be clean and tidy as well as having been energetically cleared. […]

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Heart on fire

Live Magically + Intuition Radio Show

Wow! Last week I offered a 5 day free challenge to live magically, the magic blew me away! In essence the program was me sharing the practice I work with very week to stay connected, in flow with miracles so that I can offer my gifts to the world in the best way of know […]

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How to listen to your intuition daily 

I was reminded recently of an experience I had sharing my story with a group of women who had recently become entrepreneurs and business owners. When I shared my story, the women in the room were deeply moved, many shed a few tears, and it ignited a new commitment in them to follow their dreams. In […]

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Does Everyone have an Intuition Compass?

Perhaps you know people in your life who are highly intuitive however you are not entirely sure if you can rely on and utilize your intuition in the same way?   Or perhaps you are one of those people that others describe as highly intuitive, however you have a secret fear that you are not really […]

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The Intuition Compass

After a hot and challenging Yoga teaching training class, my teacher Duncan is speaking to us; as usual I’m just glad to be listening rather than trying to hold a pose that seems impossible. As he’s speaking, he says the words ‘Yogi’s don’t believe, they know’. Everything he said before and after that point are […]

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Radical Receptivity Image

Are you an Intuitive Leader?

  According to John Gezema’s recent Athena Doctrine (64,000 person, 13 country piece of research) on leadership, the world is changing and as the world changes we want and need leaders to express and bring new qualities and values. Gezema identifies intuition as one of the top 10 most desirable qualities of a modern day […]

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Soul Stamina: from fizzling out to Soul Dreaming

Have you ever experienced those moments when everything is on track, you have a clear direction and plan for your life, then out of know-where,  something happens and motivation dies? As much as you know it should be there, your excitement about what you are creating just vanished.   It may be the most exciting project […]

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