Inspired living; discover your Intuition Compass True North

Intuition is magical and the magic of your intuition comes from its ability to connect you to what really matters, to make sense on a deeper level of what life is really about. Yes intuition is very useful to find you a car parking space, to navigate conversations with grace and foreknowledge, however its my experience that most people come to my workshops and retreats, because they want to really know via their intuition the answers to soul questions about who they are, what they are here to give and how to live a fulfilled life.


Creating your Intuition Compass to be able to hear those answers requires setting the direction of your True North.   In the navigators compass, the compass needle’s ability to unerringly find North is the foundation of its means to read properly and let you know the whole landscape. From that one point, the new terrain you find yourself in makes sense. No matter if you are in a deep valley, or surrounded by high trees and don’t know what is over the next mountain, your compass can find North and then direct you through the landscape.

This is the same for your intuition Compass – you need an inner North. With your True North, whatever is happening in your outer life, your emotions, your thoughts and questions, however chaotic, confusing, huge or overwhelming they are, with your True North, you can find your way.

The question is; what is your True North and how do you connect to it?

One way I help people discover their Intuition Compass is to explore their ‘Values Field’. Values are our why and root of meaning in our lives.

When you explore these values through an intuitive process you give yourself the opportunity to connect directly and deeply with those values so that they can become part of your intuitive compass and provide the basis for your True North.


Our values are lived principles that you discover and refine daily, yearly and over your lifetime, they deepen and shift as you refine your sense of inner direction and clarity. An Intuitive process recognizes this constant recalibration, and instead of finding the emerging nature of values a problem, takes it as a reality that can be supported and refined.

Values are also often unseen and unrecognised because they are the context within which we act. Bringing awareness to them often requires a different way of looking. Here is a 3 step process to help you connect to your Intuition Compass True North:

Your Intuition Compass Practice Step 1: Exploring your Values Field.


Bringing yourself into a more meditative, relaxed space, connected to your breath and body.   Explore each of the following questions through the lens of 360 degree listening. You can use the audio linked here for a longer experience, or simply follow the questions below:

  • Explore a time when you felt completely yourself. Completely relaxed, happy present in who you are. Through your 360 degree listening, go and explore that time, what do you notice and see in the scene around you? How do you feel in your body? What do you hear?   In particular notice and write down what you deeply appreciate about this scene and how you experience yourself and how you are acting and interacting with the scene.
  • Explore a time when you have had conflict with someone or a situation that has been challenging for you. As you explore this through 360 degree, be gentle on yourself and let yourself know before you go in that you will only be exploring this for a few minutes. Notice the symbols, feelings, words and experiences that stand out in this experience. In particular notice and write down what you strongly dislike in these situations.   This could be ways of behaving of others or yourself. It could be the effect of the circumstances and environment itself.


At the end of these two explorations you will have a list of words that are starting to point towards values. From the first exploration you will have a list of positive words that are showing certain values coming out in their positive potential. In the second, you will have a list of words that are showing the important values by their absence or challenge. For example, if ‘not telling the truth’ was in there – honesty will be an important value for you.

Your Intuition Compass Practice Part 2: Identifying your Values.


Often when you are in the situation of feeling completing yourself or conversely being challenged by a difficult situation, you can be unaware of why it feels good or bad and simply be in the situation of enjoying or not your experience.

In order to set your North, you need to make conscious the values field in which you are moving. This is deeply empowering and highly effective in giving a sense of direction in times of challenge and in creating the new.

Go back over your written notes in part 1 and underline, or draw out key values that were important to you.   For example, if in your first intuitive journey you wrote, ‘I feel free, joyful, energized’, then you are identifying values of ‘freedom, joy and vitality’.   If in the second intuitive journey you wrote: ‘I dislike lies, silent treatment and unsaid emotions’, then you might be identifying values such as ‘honesty authenticity and courage’.

Your Intuition Compass Practice Part 3: Claiming your Values.

breathe love

Taking your list of positive values identified in part 2. Take a moment to move back into a more meditative relaxed state, connect with your breath.   Shut your eyes and appreciated yourself for this practice.   Imagine physically moving your focal point of attention to your heart centre.

Breathe in and out of your heart with appreciation and love.

Then when you are ready, open your eyes and slowly read the list of values that you have. As you read the list, you are listening for an inner feeling, resonance, ‘yes’ from your heart for the top 3-4 values that are vitally important for you right now – your focus at this time. You might feel this in your body, your emotions; you might hear an inner yes, or have an inner eye visual reminder of what a value represents. Follow your inner sensing to identify your 3-4 top values at this point in time. This will only take a few moments – trust your inner response, even if you might have after-thoughts to change them – trust the initial sensory impulse you receive.

When you are ready, take those 3-4 values and put the words ‘I am’ in front of them. For example, if you had the words freedom, confidence, joy, you would say ‘I am free, confident and joyful’.

Say your ‘I am’ statement of values out loud 3 times, feeling your heart and connection to yourself as you say it.   Notice how you feel. Perhaps journal on your experience.

Breathe and appreciate yourself for having completed this intuition compass practice.

inner compass

When you have your values, play with them, explore them, listen in each moment as to how life is creating more opportunities and synchronicities to live your values with depth, with greater fulfillment and inspiration.  What then happens is that in any situation, whether is is the most blissful joy or a challenge arrising, you can return to ask questions such as:

How can I live my values in this moment?

What does this synchronicity or event tell me about living my values?  Your values field then becomes your spaciousness from which to listen intuitively to yourself in all situations and know your direction home to yourself.

If these exercises have left you inspired, do be in touch and let me know your experience.

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