Does Everyone have an Intuition Compass?

Perhaps you know people in your life who are highly intuitive however you are not entirely sure if you can rely on and utilize your intuition in the same way?   Or perhaps you are one of those people that others describe as highly intuitive, however you have a secret fear that you are not really that intuitive, and far from an expert.


In our society what has shaped our intuition has been a combination of what we have been handed at birth, and the environment that we have be brought up in. Unless we go out and seek it ourselves, we have not been taught to use and develop our intuition as part of our schooling or formal training. Therefore there has been this assumption that some people are intuitive and some people are not.

Let’s replace intuition with a different skill; if you had never been trained in the grammar, writing and pronunciation of French, would you be expected to speak it? Of course, if you were born in France, or have parents who speak French, or have gone to work in France, you might well have picked up French with little ‘formal’ training. However, if this has not been your upbringing, and you have not been trained in it (like myself), it’s quite normal that perhaps like me, you only know the very basics of buying ‘pan au choclat si vous plait’, or saying ‘bonjour’. Currently I am not good at speaking or understanding French, but that does not mean I can’t be good at speaking and understand French, it just means that, as yet I have not had the training to develop it.


In the same way, for the majority of us who grew up with little to no intuition training, (and did not have parents who were living intuitive practices that we could by osmosis and pattern recognition acquire), we have only acquired the very basics of the language of Intuition. For example, the gut reaction of a yes or no to a decision or that feeling to call someone just as they called you. In essence most people have picked up some of the basics. However, just in the same way that ‘bonjour’ does not get you very far in having an in-depth and insightful conversation with someone in French about the meaning of life or how to cook the most amazing potato gratin,  your intuitive gut reaction works on occasion to give you intuitive information, but is naturally unreliable in other circumstances where a more nuanced intuitive response is required.

Learning your Intuitive Language is highly exciting and rewarding, because you discover that you have an entirely new landscape to discover. In the same way that fluent French speakers can read Sartre, discover the nuances of what makes a fine Cotes to Rhone wine, or get to see France through the eyes of its culture without the need for translation. Your Intuitive Language gives you huge access to a new world.


Your Intuition Compass is the anchor you need to develop the art and science of intuition. As you establish its reliable presence and workings within you, you will be able to divine the right direction in your life, vision forward into your future and even recognize future events or distance occurrences. This may seem ‘alien’ before experiencing the wisdom of your intuition, however precognition is one of the most proved ‘parapsychology’ scientific experiments. (Pre cognition is knowing something before it’s happened – demonstrated by the physiological response to stimuli before it is shown to someone.)

When you develop your intuition, held in the framework of your Intuition Compass, you will also access a very special part of you, your soul level. Whichever way you term it, this is the part of you that will know through a deep connection to purpose, meaning, self knowledge and fulfillment. Without intuition this mysterious territory in you remains hidden in the shadows.

Intuition is your soul’s communication method to you, yet gut instinct or the odd ‘synchronicity’ is just the beginning. There is the possibility of deep and fluid conversations with your soul who has deep wells of wisdom and insight that it’s waiting to generously share with you.

So, in answer to the question – does everyone have an Intuition Compass? Yes. Is everyone’s compass set to true north, reading correctly and clearly? Perhaps not always, however if that’s you, it’s just the start of an amazing journey of discovery based on developing self trust, refined and deep listening and a whole new soul language is waiting to share itself with you.

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