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Personal Transformation: Vibrationally Shift your Reality Wk 1 of 5

February 6, 2014 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Step into the magic, reclaim soul power and activate a positive vibrational shift in your life based on ancient teachings.
Your 5 part course in the application of universal energetic principles to successful living.

Unify – Release – Alchemical Balance – Awaken – Expand

Free Taster Session at the Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham  January 9th

Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham Course:  5 week evening course Thursday’s 7-9pm starting Feb 6th 2014 running to March 6th 2014 – Limited to 12 attendees.   Booking via Isbourne website or phone. To receive your 10% saving, please call the Isbourne and book over the phone before 31st December

Ananda Bhavana Healing Space, Bristol Course: 5 week evening course Thursday’s 7-9pm starting March 13th 2014 running to April 10th 2014 – Limited to 12 attendees

The course includes teaching on:
  • How you can create sustained positive change in you life, based on scientific studies of how successful self changers naturally do it.
  • Learn the subtle principles of energy and consciousness and see how they are working in your life.
  • Know the 7 universal hermetic principles that underlie the western philosophical tradition:  feel them from the inside out and unlock the wisdom they hold.
  • Clare believes we learn best through an active knowing based on direct experiences.  The course includes deep meditation, discussion, work with the senses through colour, scent, breath and movement along side sharing practical ways of implementing change in your life.
  • Participants will receive 5 Audio downloads of meditations, (or CD’s if preferred) that accompany the training, along with course handouts.
Introducing the Alchemical Framework:

The alchemy of consciousness is the way in which change happens. As you become aware of how you can bring harmony and alignment within the field of your consciousness, you create the platform of effective and sustained change in your life.   In the realm of consciousness, the flow of alchemical changes moves through various stages and steps:


You cannot change what you do not own.  Without a centre from which to BE STILL, the motions of your life, (be it the drama inducing tornados or the lethargy of stifled energy) will move you. Instead of being the master of your reality you can feel controlled by your circumstance.  Week 1 focuses on what it is to be at one, centred, in love and acceptance of who you are.

2. Release

Fear suggests you should grasp, hold on for dear life!  Everything constricts and tightens, forceful action becomes the means to an end.  Yet there is another way, the way of allowing, letting go and releasing.    This week you will learn simple effortless practices of letting go and letting Be.

3 Alchemical Balance

Uncluttered by resistance and unified in peace and love, you will experience the energetic shift that is being birthed through you.  You will learn the keys that open the door to change, how the pivot point of change actually happens and what energetic principles you can work with to enable this change.

4. Awaken

Awakening is the beginning of becoming and sharing your personal transformation with the world.  This week you learn the tools to maintain, stabalise and anchor your insights and awareness into daily life.  Often its possible to have ‘peak moments‘ that show you the potential of who you can be, however somewhere after the experience things can get lost.  This week you will learn techniques that allow you be resonant and centred, building confidence so that you become who all you know you can be.

5. Expand

In times of growth, you might have the feeling of the sheer scale of possibility awaiting you.  Then at a certain point, having reaching a place of comfortable growth, it can be easy to plateau.  This is your glass ceiling. You might be feeling good and there is a level of contentment, however you know there is more to come.  What awaits you is a depth of aliveness, joy and grace that, unless you are given the principles and skills for expansion, can remain inaccessible.   In our final class together,  expansion becomes a state you consciously live in as the dynamic force of creation that moves through you with truth and love.


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