Expressing who you are and finding your flow

The art of creating and expressing is what feeds and nurtures your soul, your ability to Be who you are, and say yes to who you are – this is all essential in order to step into flow and synchronicity. Flow and synchronicity are not some neutral, objective stream of magic. It is your Magic, it is your connection to, acceptance of and free expression of You.   The magic cannot flow without your full permission of you to be You. Without that, you are restraining your magic, you are restricting the possibility of flow in your life.

Magic flow

Why is it that artists experience this flow, the timeless eternal space when creating their art? A well known painter told me, how when he is in the space of painting, hours go by and he is unaware. Everything he touches is golden. He cannot make a mistake, every brushstroke, colour choice he makes builds a work of art that astounds him.

The artist has let go into their magic, their creativity, their flow. They have discovered that by allowing the art to flow through them, they experience magic.   It is no longer about the final piece, it is the process of unfolding and creating which reveals and is the magic. They loose themselves in the creative process, feeling almost as if their paintbrush, paper and colours are part of them. All sense of separation disappears, and they are simply now creating.


This level of flow in the moment is all absorbing. It is the meeting place of attention and meditation that somehow, as if by magic meets the expression of artistic creation.

Yet we also hear of writers block and artists who can no longer paint. They are not saying that they have lost the skill of the wordsmith or the trained eye to see the dappled shades and lighting in the clouds.

Something else more ephemeral has happened, their quality of consciousness and way of engaging with the world has changed.

It is the same for us. We might notice that at times in our life, or in certain areas of your life synchronicity, flow, magic naturally occurs, you don’t even have to think about it. Yet in other areas of your life, the flow has ceased, it can feel like a big dam has come along and blocked up all the magic, leaving your starved and drained of ease and grace, replaced with hardship, blocks, chaos, distraction and so forth.

Has this block happened because we have suddenly lost a skill or ability to be living in synchronicity and serendipity? Or rather, has an internal switch been flicked that perhaps unconsciously means we are choosing to remain out of the flow?

The first lesson of flow is follow the alive energy, so instead of focusing on the deadness of a block, how can we activate a whole new level of flow and synchronicity in our life?

Energy Magic

This weekend I was inspired and touched by musican and artist Amanda Palmer’s Ted Talk on ‘The art of asking’. She is really talking about living in flow, how we do it and the taboo’s it involves us dissolving. I recommend watching her talk – all the way to the end, it gets better and better. And, some of what I hear her saying is directing us to these 3 powerful openers as to how to step into greater flow. If its time for you to discover your magic as an expression of you, then I recommend exploring and making these three points below your own. Then you will be allowing your magic to become your abundant flow.

Giving: Ask the question when you wake up in the morning, ‘How can I help today?’ What can I give, heart connected, open and present? In her Ted talk, Amanda’s giving of a flower moment will take you deeper into the richness of this question.


Receiving: Being open handed and open hearted is a spiritual practice. When we are unable to receive easily we are saying that we don’t trust the universe or others in what they are going to give us, which means we don’t trust in the flow…how can you open your heart to receiving? If you want to really feel this in your body try dancing with a partner who is leading and you are following….or Amanda’s fan trust exercises near the end of her talk should the moment arise!


Trusting: Where I have eschewed synchronicity and flow for many different, often quite plausible, rational, (yet non heart based) reasons, I ask what would I have needed in order to have said yes to the possibility of synchronicity? Often, the missing piece is trust. Where can you trust more in your life? What does trust look and feel like to you?

Surrender with Trust

Remember – your art, your purpose, can ONLY be an expression of you. The more you can give of you, receive to you and trust in you…the more your creativity will flow and synchronicity appear in your life.   Be YOU.

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