Full MOON Ritual to create Magic

This last new moon was a really powerful one and this FULL moon is continuing the theme,  so I thought I would share a simple ritual you can complete to work harmoniously with the Full Moon energies.

This full Moon also falls on Earth Day where people all around the world are celebrating and loving the earth.    It is also the Wesak Full Moon or the day celebrating the Buddha’s birthday and gathering of all those who are enlightened so it is seen as a special time to receive spiritual energies of awakening.

Before we get to the ritual I thought I’d share a couple of resources that I love for the Full Moon astrology:

Firstly: John Wadsworth shares a fabulous video where he describes so beautifully the power of the Taurus – Scorpio polarity of this Full Moon. Listening to him, we too can fall in love with these polar forces, which is the start of creating transformation and Magic with the moon!

Secondly: The Mystic Mama round up of what astrologers are saying about this full moon. It has a good overview of the energies and, as you read it, see what particularly resonates with you and use that as the seeds of exploration for the Ritual.

2016-04 Art mystic mamma

So now the Ritual!

What is Ritual? It’s the way that we can engage our full Being in bringing the sacred into daily life. It’s how we pause, not simply for ‘downtime’ but specifically for turning ON life in all its vibrancy.

It’s about connection, soul, love and real spiritual engagement with life. AND it’s a unique expression of your soul spirit, so I encourage you to take this ritual – use it as it is, or edit it, expand it, embellish it, so that it feels ‘you’.


1. The first rule of magical creation – UNITY. Breathe in Unity, Breath out oneness

This full moon is bringing the height of the lunar energy to ignite the hidden power of polarity, which IS unity on a deeper and more subtle level that before. All those hidden places come to light, all the light is shining even brighter, so now is the time for deep embracing of Unity and oneness. How:

Breathe in UNITY

On the in breath have the intention that whatever polarities, fragments, multi-various strands of experience that you are in, are welcomed in into the unity space of your heart centre, fully embraced in unconditional love. You might want to reflect on the specific polarity of the Taurus and Scorpio energy that John describes, or just have this intention in general.

Breath out Oneness

On the out breath is where you surrender into the merging you have completed on the in-breath. Oneness IS. There is no action to do. Simply ‘I breathe out into the Oneness I am’ acknowledging your wholeness.

Complete this breath for at least 9 repetitions – more if you feel called.

2015-07 full moon

2. Breathe in the Lunar Activations, Breathe out and ripple lunar Love

From a place of Unity and Oneness, we now connect to the Moon. How:

Breathe in the Lunar Activations

On the in breath you are focusing on your relationship with the moon and opening to receive the blessings of this Full Moon. The in breath is you feeling the love and appreciation you have for the moon, and breathing in and receiving the love and awakening she has for you.

Breathe out and ripple Lunar Love

Lunar energy is ALL about flow, of us learning the art of giving and receiving, of riding this dance of life. It’s vital that we give space for the outflow, especially when the energies are strong, otherwise we can get too full and overwhelmed!

So on the out breath, from the space of unity and oneness, as a direct stream connected to the Lunar energies, you are breathing out and seeing/feeling/sensing or simply intending the harmonious flow of Lunar Love flow out to your into life, the planet and through all time and space.

Complete this breath for at least 9 repetitions – more if you feel called.

2015-01 Supermoon triple moon by lulafay d7eahx4

Thanks and Gratitude

Finally, bring your hands to your heart. Your hands are your symbols of doing and creating in the world. As you bring them to your heart, you are affirming, may ALL my actions be aligned with Love and Unity. You are offering a ‘Namaste’ to yourself for your practice, to the Lunar Love energies, and to all beings.

Rest and Complete

If you find this to be a powerful practice (and you might 🙂 – it’s simple but real and energetic!), lie down, breath and be until you feel all the energies balance and ground.