Harvest Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse – Energy Update & Heartfulness Ritual

So remember when I was saying that this was a BIG month with BIG eclipse energies?? Well although it might feel like a lifetime ago, the solar eclipse was only 2 weeks ago. And on Friday we have our Harvest Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse to take all this energy to the next level!!

Below is an energy update and Heartfulness Ritual so you can ride this wave of energy to a new level, moving into the pleasure of energetic fine tuning, rather than getting caught up with the shedding of old skin.

Energy Update

On Friday 16th at 20.05 (GMT) we have the Harvest Full Moon and shortly before it the peak of the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse; when the moon passes through the northern penumbral shadow of the earth. Below is a picture of the visibility of the eclipse and the best times to see it around the world. It will appear as a dimming of the moon’s light.


However, regardless of whether you see it, its energy is ON! If you are someone who feels the full moon anyway, this could be a super double intensity dose of lunar vitamins. And, for those of you who would like to attune to the lunar cycles more, this one comes with a fullness of heart and emotion that is overflowing to greet you.

This is a Pisces Full Moon, so we are opening to the watery potential of Being. We are also in the time of the harvest, which is both a time of busyness and action (you’ve got to get in the harvest in order to enjoy it later in the winter!), as well as celebration and receiving. This starts to give us clues about how to really make the most of this Lunar Eclipse, especially if you have noticed a big activity time during the eclipses. This Friday is the time to bring in the balance of slowing down in order to open up and receive the harvest!

And all of that is preparation for the gorgeous equinox transition which happens next week – but more on that soon!


Heartfulness Ritual

Lunar eclipses are a time of softening (willingly or on occasion nudged by the universe) so that you can experience your rich emotional spiritual human beingness. In a modern world where emotional watery depths are not always encouraged, Lunar Eclipses are gifts of treasuring our imperfections, loving our quirks and honouring our journey of growth and learning not because we ‘progressed and bettered ourselves’, but because we turned up for the ride and lived the experience!

A Lunar Eclipse takes the creative power of a full moon and dips the gorgeous lunar light into a double serving of surrender, allowing you to access the ‘felt’ wisdom lineages of awakening. How I feel it is that normally at full moon we celebrate a peak of creative energies and get ready to disseminate the lunar light out into the world for manifestation purposes. That still happens on a Lunar Eclipse but first there is this window, where the lunar light dims on the outer levels but strengths on the inner levels, giving us the potential of opening up into the bliss body awakening.



And with all this talk of surrender, softening, opening, loving, receiving… you might sense why heart opening is sooo vital to make the most of this energetic window!

5 Minute Heartfulness Lunar Eclipse Ritual

So here’s my suggestion for a Heartfulness Ritual to support you in discovering a blissful surrender into awakening this lunar eclipse:

#1: Open into the Heart Space

This is your heart space and THE heart space. Place your attention at the centre of your chest and imagine, feel or simply intend yourself to be breathing in and out of your heart. As you do, bring a smile to your lips and allow yourself to relax. Spend a few breaths here.  You should feel yourself naturally relax and soften.

#2: Soften and welcome ALL into the Heart Space

Continue to breathe here; and don’t forget the gentle smile, it’s a great way of reminding your physiology to be part of the bliss body adventure. As you retain your focus on breathing in and out of your heart, allow each of the following to wash through your minds eye, one at a time. As they do you might notice a little energy spike for each one, allow yourself to breathe and welcome into your heart space whatever your experience is. Allow emotional waves to wash through, simply focus on breathing in and out of the heart with a smile on your lips. This is not a mental feat of proving that any of the below is ‘right’, ’sorted’, ‘judged good’, etc. It’s simply about being with surrender, opening and love. Allow emotions to pass through and trust that your ‘heart smile’ will guide you into feeling from a higher octave. Bring to your awareness:

  • Your life experience between the last two eclipses – the highs and lows. Breathe with your heart until the softening and relaxing arrives.
  • Your world experience between the last two eclipses – e.g. other people/media/situations; good, bad and ugly. Breathe with your heart until the softening and relaxing arrives.


#3: Attuning to the Lunar Light Heart Space

You have been softening and opening to the possibility of this lunar eclipse. As you continue to breathe from your heart, place your inner attention on the full moon. As you breathe, you are now naturally connecting your heart with the full moon energy.

  • Let yourself know, “My heart and the moon attune with perfect harmony and ease”. Breathe.
  • Then let yourself know, “In the radiance of the full moon, I open the inner doorway and surrender into the bliss body”. Breathe with this eclipse portal for a few breaths.

Then let yourself just breathe here, letting go of any points of focus, or heart breath or smile. Trust that through simply breathing and Being you feed your big dreams. That in fact you are doing all the ‘work’ you need to do energetically and all just through being, surrendering, receiving, allowing…softening.

Wishing you a week of bliss and awakening!