Heartfulness is the new mindfulness – Heart Intelligence is here to stay

I’m delighted that mindfulness has now become so available and accessible.   AND, perhaps like me you have been curious – yes clearing the mind is good, but what about the heart?  What about creating emotional and energetic freedom through working with the heart as an organ and energy centre?

I teach Heart based intelligence and energy practices as a basis for intuitive confidence, personal transformation and spiritual awakening. 

Since the beginning of my training and teaching I’ve always found working with the heart some of the most profound, sweet and expansive work.


What’s really exciting at the moment is I feel the tipping point – where heartfulness is emerging into the mainstream, to stay!

I see new collaborations creating dialogue between previously disconnected disciplines.  I also feel the depth of need individually and collectively for real, true heart to heart connection.   We want intimacy, meaningful connection, care and community, and its no longer a taboo to say so. Our hearts are yearning for expansion, love, and deep diving into the true potential of our humanity – to love and be loved, well and unconditionally.

Its exciting and heart melting at the same time and we are already starting to live in the heart space, which is one of:

  • Vulnerability as strengthBrene Brown – thank you for supporting the mainstream to reclaim the other ‘v’ word!
  • Passion with purpose – heartful high fives to people such as Elizabeth Gilbert for letting us all celebrate and step into our BIG Magic creative potential.
  • Connection with couragedeep bow to Institute of Heart Math for all their amazing work on the neurotransmitters of the heart , the connectors of empathy and love.

As humanity we are getting ready to more fully embody perhaps some of the most elevated states of  consciousness; compassion and unconditional love.  As individuals, through deep heart intelligence we are opening the door to a whole new way of living.

What I love about heartful practices is that they are so simple, and also constantly opening into deeper and richer spaces within us.

hearthandsIn my work I might suggest breathing love and appreciation in and out of the heart, (IHM practice with proven physical and well being benefits), or I might support clients to explore some of the deeper mystical traditions practices of the sacred space of the heart and the diamond light of the heart.  Or we might be working directly with ‘healing – wholeing’ through gorgeous self love, forgiveness and joy embodiment practices.


What I know is that as we move our attention to our heart centre, we relax, we get to the essence of things and we open into a depth of creative possibility where love and truth reside together.. no conflict, just two sides of the same one reality.

Belinda Fireman Hearts

From here things change in your life in subtle but profound way

Commitment becomes Joyful Devotion,
Work become Passionate Purpose,
Relationships become Beloveds
Physical Health becomes Embodying Love.

then… then we are ready to dream,
then we are ready to uplift ourselves and others,
then we unswervingly move towards bliss.

To start that journey?

Breathe: in and out of your heart in the mantra ‘I love you I accept you’
Smile: an instant heart opener.
Listen: In your inner voice say hello to your heart and ask, what its guidance is for you today?

If you want to take the journey deeper, I invite you to explore:

In love