How to access an Intuitive State of Consciousness

Your state of consciousness, and your ability to track and alter your state of being is key to the start of discovering your Intuition Compass.

In fact, often our interest in our intuition has arisen because we are going through, or need to go through, a change of consciousness state. You might experience the following aspects of this change:

  • From trusting others exclusively to determine truth to deciding to know your own inner truth
  • From allowing outer circumstances to be the determiner of your happiness and life path, to choosing what you want to create and how you are going to get there.
  • From being focused on outer actions, ‘doing’ nearly exclusively, to wanting to understand your why and purpose behind things.

In all of these examples there is a movement from focusing on the outer, material and apparent circumstances of life, to wanting to reclaim an inner power, purpose, and creative force.   Your intuition is vital as a guide in this journey.


This ‘intuitive state’ often looks like a deeper sense of inner presence, connection and stillness, self value and confidence. When you are not feeling intuitive, this can be a state of consciousness where you feel disconnected, perhaps a sense of inner or outer turmoil, distracted, over-busy or self – judgmental/critical.

So, although perhaps intuitively you know that you access intuition when you are calm and self-loving, I imagine many of you are thinking – yeah, but I’m not a Zen monk!

Assuming that your life still has a few ways of triggering you, (:-)) I’m going to introduce you to an energetic practice to support you in centering and achieving that state of consciousness that allows your intuition to flow.

Intuition Compass Energetic Practice: centering in the Compass Rose

As you begin to navigate your internal world, you are going to encounter an array of colourful and varied experiences, emotions, beliefs and energetic experiences! This is wonderful because you are opening up a treasure trove of intuitive information, once you know how to read it.


However, similar to outer compasses that can be affected by magnetized rock or electrical equipment, (leading them to read wrongly) so, also, can our intuitive compass be taken off course by the electrical charge of your thoughts and beliefs and the magnetic charge of your emotions and feelings. Once you realize why this happens, and what it feels like when it does, it’s easy to discern when you are off course and bring yourself back on course.

Learning how to dissolve intuitive compass interference is something I cover in-depth on retreat and workshops, however here I’m going to suggest a simple practice to realign your internal compass settings and reconnect with your intuition.

compassIn a navigation compass, the centre of the compass is called the compass rose.   When it is correctly balanced and magnetized, then the compass reads true. For your intuitive compass, you also have a rose, like the compass, this sits in the very middle and centre of your energy body and is responsible physically, energetically and spiritually for the balance and coherence of your magnetic energy field.

Your rose is your heart.   It has an electromagnetic field 5,000 times stronger than the brain.   Your regular heartbeat is what keeps you healthy and coherent. It is the drum beat of your physical body’s health and regularity. It is the emotional centre of calm and de-stress, (through producing the hormone oxytocin to much greater levels than the brain).  It can also be a powerful spiritual centre for your soul’s intuitive wisdom.

spiralheartI’m going to share a simple practice that has been shown to increase physiological health, emotional wellbeing and happiness. This is called the heart breath and is one of the practices suggested by the Institute of Heart Math that has done extensive research into how working with the heart promotes significant wellbeing, increased creativity, productivity and reduces stress. Simply doing this practice for a few minutes each day will make a measurable difference to your wellbeing…as well as bring you towards an intuitive state of consciousness.

The practice:

Be comfortable. Seated with your back in a reasonable upright position, relax, shut your eyes or lower your gaze. Breathe in and out through your nose. As you breathe in through your nose, imagine, feel, sense or simply intend yourself to be breathing in and out of the centre of your check/heart area.   Complete this for a few breaths.

Now as you breathe into this area at the centre of your chest, bring a gentle smile to your lips, (this activates relaxation and wellbeing), and have a sense of appreciation for yourself. Not necessarily based on any one thing, just an overall sense of self-appreciation and gratitude. As you breathe in, breathe in this appreciation. As you breathe out, imagine, feel or sense that this appreciation is spreading from your heart out through your upper chest and whole body.

Spend 3-5 minutes breathing in this way. Then complete and notice how you are feeling.

In completing this practice you are regulating and bringing into coherence your magnetic centre – your heart. As you do that you are promoting wellbeing through your whole being, as well as bringing an internal centre and optimal conditions for your Intuition Compass to function well and accurately.

magnetic centre

My experience is that energetic practices are deeply powerful in opening up our intuition which is why I work with them for my clients. So often a breakthrough comes, just as their energy field comes back into alignment. What was total confusion becomes clear because they are harmonious.

Although simple, this practice opens and aligns the compass rose of your heart, that is the start of creating a reliable centre from which to navigate your inner world and be an intuitive diviner of your path to fulfillment and joy.

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