How to listen to your intuition daily 


I was reminded recently of an experience I had sharing my story with a group of women who had recently become entrepreneurs and business owners. When I shared my story, the women in the room were deeply moved, many shed a few tears, and it ignited a new commitment in them to follow their dreams.

In 2007 I decided to leave my well-paid career in marketing, knowing nothing other than I was going to take two years out to follow my intuition. In 2009, I had arrived in Cornwall, (somewhat of a contrast to Shanghai China!), was completing my year long spiritual coaching apprenticeship and setting myself up offering healing, intuitive development courses and events. As someone who new nothing about running my own business I registered for a new business program called, ‘Empowering Smart Women’.

Sharing my story

In the first one day of the program we were asked to share our journey so far and where were going, through art and speaking about it. What I drew was a straight road, that then became a river, opening out into the sea. I shared with the group how early in life, I had followed mostly a laid out plan of school, education, and career in business. I had made my choices and preferences along the way that had taken me on largely happy path and was quite successful in what I did. Yet a few things niggled – I felt like the part of my life I was in was a ‘phase’ – preparation for something else, but not it. I felt a need to find deeper meaning, love, open my heart and answer the question of ‘what’s really important to me?’


So I jumped off the straight road into the river. The river represented for me a dynamic flow of living energy that is constantly carrying us to know ourselves, offer our best and discover our highest potential. Perhaps less predictable, a bit of a winding course sometimes, but also the source of life and nourishment. The only way you can navigate the river is to listen deeply to your inner wisdom – throw out the books, the supposed tos, the ought tos, the what you parents would have done, the what your friends are doing…and being willing to really find your own flow… What matters to you, what brings your spark and energy and what feels alive.

On the outside for me this looked like retraining in healing, coaching, meditation, yoga. On the inside I was re-forming myself around my centre – what were my values? What is my heart saying? What is my soul and spirit asking of me? And then bit by bit acting on the wisdom.

river to sea

I described to my fellow course participants how, as I listened deeply to what I wanted, opened to the possibility of the universe to support me, amazing things happened – teachers and opportunities came my way. Synchronicity guided my next step, and I found myself moving towards the sea. The sea for me represents expansion into flow and our highest potential. It can be scary, the waves are bigger there, the horizons longer and you want a good boat to travel in, however the beauty, freedom and new possibilities are so wonderful!

Listen to your intuition to live fully

As I finished telling my story, the room was silent, then I noticed the tears and one woman shared, ‘its almost too much to hear you share this, because I’m only just now realizing I’ve never done this for myself, I’ve never asked what I deeply want, not really. There’s a part of me that has never lived fully.” Others shared how they felt they got lost in the day to day tasks and mundane and forgot to reconnect to what was important and meaningful for them.

Even amongst this group of women, who had chosen to create businesses, many based on things they loved from gorgeous jewelry design, green space planning and boutique B&B’s, even here there was a sense, that they had not really given themselves permission to be who they are fully.

I was shocked – how come these talented, successful, creative women felt unfulfilled? What I have realised since then is that many people have this sense of being unfulfilled, not necessarily because they are doing the wrong thing, or because they need to change everything…but rather because they are seeking a deeper connection to themselves.


My experience is that intuition is the means by which your deeper self talks to you – it’s the start of a conversation that will grow and expand overtime in amazing ways. It will tell you if your dreams are in the opposite direction of where you are heading, and it will untangle those nasty knots of procrastination that stop you taking the opportunities to manifest your dreams right now.

It will become your thread of connection to a soulful part of you that magically talks to the universe too and sees how everything is interconnected. Its there in the good times and the challenging times to give you an authentic reading on ‘you’, as well as offering you the path of growth as well as the vision for expansion.

For the group of women I was with, it so moved them; they asked me to lead 5-minute intuitive connection experience during the workshop sessions. I recommend this practice to you too, as a daily checking and centering, a reminder that empowering your dreams with your soul vision is only a few minutes away.

Daily Intuitive Check in: listen to your intuition

  • Be comfortably seated, breathe in and out of your nose, slow and deepen your breath slightly and allow yourself to settle.
  • Now direct your breath as if you were breathing in and out of your heart centre at the centre of your chest.  As you do, on the in breath say to yourself in your inner voice, I love you. On the out breath, I accept you (NB – no part of you is excluded from this sentiment, bring all of you warts and all!).
  • Continue this inner conversation with yourself, inviting and welcoming your soul to speak to you through your intuition. Give a few moments to feel that connection. Sometimes if you have not spoken with this part of you for a while, it will need a little reassurance that you really do want to hear and really are listening. If so, simply send that intention and leave space. Leaving space means having no expectation for anything to come, but being open to hear.
  • Then you can simply ask to hear, feel, sense or see what will most support you today in allignment with your highest good? For example, like a guiding principle, energy or focus. Trusting what comes and your wider experience.
  • Thank your intuition for sharing.


  • Write down what you received, allow yourself to reflect on it further and how you can act on this guidance today. Writing down and reflecting on your guidance is an important key on growing and deepening your intuitive connection –  it will make what you receive more tangible and real, link everyday consciousness with soul consciousness, and encourage your soul to share more!

Try making a commitment to complete this check in for 5 days..and do let me know how it goes!