I’m letting the love in – will you?

From now, I’m letting the love in.


I’m letting love in to all the secret places of my soul.

Love is now welcome into the broken and forgotten places, into the shadowy and hidden places.

I’m letting love surprise me with its grace and power in holding the timid and vulnerable places so that these aspects of me are also expressed.


I’m letting love beam radiantly through me because I know this is what I’ve always wanted and will ever want.  Even and especially when it feels scary to love; when the part of me, others or life arise bring anger, pain, or shame, I’m going to take that as my sign – it’s time to let the love in.

I wonder what your signs will be in 2015 that this is your moment to shine, to be who you were always meant to be? 

Often it’s what lurks in the shadows that stop us stepping into the spotlight.   I recognize it in myself and see it in others; we stand back from being the radiance we are, because there are places where we have more love to let in.   I remind you and me; our beauty is a process of revealing what’s already there, not adding on extras.

BeSeen-self love

I remember with total clarity the moment when I ‘got it’.  I was in the Swiss Alps, early Feb 2008, I had been through 9 days of intense personal transformation, I had cried, raged, loved, laughed, being graced with mystical experiences and felt everything in between.  On the last day of the program all of my experience condensed into one knowing; my reason for being is to ‘love and be loved.’

It was clear – this is it, this is what will matter to me when I review my life, have I loved well?  Have I allowed myself to be loved?

So profound, so simple…and so totally not giving me the roadmap for what it would look like.  let-love-be-your-revolution-love


That’s the thing about your purpose; your real purpose is so you that although words and ideas might express a part of it, the whole is continuously emerging and evolving.  Your purpose has as many ways to shine as you have facets of your being, it cannot be ‘contained’…but it can be let in.

My experience is that living our purpose happens through us as an alive, creative process.  This process is to light up more of who we are; to become luminous.

And becoming luminous is a process of letting the love in.


Will you let the love in this year?…right now?  Letlove in

I wish for you that love finds its way in to all the difficult to reach places that love emanates from you at your pivot points of change and becoming.   That your process of letting the love in is filled with tenderness and grace, revealing to you the awe inspiring power and potential of your being.

Can you recognize those moments when you have let the love in?  Where everything changed and you and your world transformed?  I invite you to honor them and light a candle to your heart radiance.

Can you call forward through the eternal present a reminder that your soul will hear in the ethers this year? I invite you whisper, sing and invoke your potential for the year; “In 2015 I live radiantly, I welcome love in.”

rumi-letlove in

My offering is to be a guide and space holder for your own journey of personal transformation and radiance.  I welcome you to join me for events, on retreat and individual sessions.

Live Radiantly: Live Webinar 13th January: Free to register here

Italy Summer Solstice Solar Heart Radiance Retreat 2015: Some places still available

Personal Transformation 5 week Program: Cheltenham, UK Starting 22nd January, only a few places remaining.

I also wish to honor:

The Satvatove Institute whose program I took in the Swiss Alps back in 2008 (and continued to complete my coach training with over the following years), and all those beautiful souls and friends who staffed and attended the program.

Thea Gilmore whose gorgeous song, ‘How the love Gets in’ touched my soul.

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