Intuitive Healing for your Inner Woman and Man

Your Inner Woman and Man represent your feminine and masculine energy that, when healthy, enables you to flow with life with ease and fulfillment. They are also absolutely key to your ability to create, manifest and achieve your goals.

However, often these energies can become imbalanced, causing challenges on many levels from physical health to emotional patterns and beliefs that prevent us from living to our fullest potential. This article offers you insights and a process of Intuitive Healing to restore balance and free up your inner woman and man to be your creative dream team!

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What is your Inner Feminine and Masculine?

The masculine and feminine refer to different qualities; these qualities are represented most famously in the Yin and Yang symbol of Chinese wisdom lineages:

Yin – Feminine, receptive, space, void, non action, open, encompassing and holder of space, negative charge

Yang – Masculine, giving, active, focused, decisive, positive charge

They are also part of the wider understanding of gender that has been greatly misunderstood in modern western culture where it has been largely aligned to purely physical categorisations of boy/girl, man/woman. Our current generation and the coming generations are going through a period of massive revision and clearing of this old restricted understanding (great news!).

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However when you go back to the ancient wisdom sources, such as the Kyablion (Hermetic/alchemical text that underpins much of western philosophy), it clearly states, “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine principles; Gender manifests on all planes”. It’s not, ‘you are this or that’, but rather you can only exist if you are both.

Gender comes from the latin root meaning to beget, procreate, generate, produce. Gender quite simply is all about generation and creation – in fact gender holds the keys to HOW you can manifest and create successfully in the world…

…Which is where your Inner Woman and Man come in

When they are creating together, you are on a creative roll! You hold space and receive your intuitive guidance through your feminine, and your masculine confidently acts on this inspiration and begins the process of creating in the world. Constantly through your creative process you will be moving between your masculine and feminine – knowing when to stop, slow down, listen and receive, yet also knowing when to act decisively, be bold and take courageous action towards your dreams! When they are on form they are your dream team of creation and manifestation!

However, for a variety of collective/societal/personal reasons, sometimes the dream team are not working so collaboratively!

Your inner man can become a slave driver, focused on the end goal at all costs and needing endlessly more to be done to create safety, feel worthy and purposeful. Your inner woman on the other hand can become disempowered, not trusting her sensuous and receptive self to draw on the wisdom of the cosmos, but rather feeling weak, disconnected and trapped. From here dream creation is stopped dead with the inner woman feeling victimized, or burnt out and the inner man feeling pressured to deliver and isolated.

It’s here that your Intuitive Healing comes to the fore and starts to clear the confusion, re-connect and balance your dream team.

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What is Intuitive Healing?

Your Intuition is your subtle sense that puts you in direct connection with your soul self or essential self. When you are listening to and working with your intuition, you are having an intimate conversation with yourself. This conversation is not just words and information, but an energetic exchange where real change is happening in the cells of your body, through to your energetic field and is translated into changes in your emotions and thoughts.

In fact, healing and intuition go hand in hand. For example, when I give healing sessions, often people receive intuitive insights. Likewise, when you receive an intuitive insight, you are putting right a confusion in your energy field and generally as a result feel lighter, happier and even healthier.

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In my experience Intuitive Healing is a beautiful and effective way of creating balance and harmony between your inner woman and man. It’s something I work with deeply in individual soul sessions with clients, and in my workshops and programs. The following 20 minute practice will greatly support you in restoring balance and taking you forward to create effortlessly.

Your 20 Minute Intuitive Healing practice for your Inner Woman and Man:

Getting to Know your Inner Man and Inner Woman

Step 1: Heart Opening and preparation (5 minutes)

  • Relax, be physically comfortable and seated, perhaps with a notebook and pen near by.
  • Imagine breathing in and out of your heart centre/centre of your chest. As you do, breathing in (through your nose) all that supports you, and then on the outbreath (breathing out through your mouth) letting go of anything you no longer need. Do this for 3-5 breaths.
  • Now breathing in and out of your nose and still focusing your breath on your heart with the intention of relaxing and connecting with your intuitive heart wisdom. Do this for 3-5 breaths.
  • Intend that your intuitive heart wisdom to guide the following interactions.


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Step 2: Meeting your Inner Woman and Man (10 minutes)

One at a time, invite your inner woman or man to come forward and meet you. As if you were meeting a new person, introduce yourself with your inner voice, and state your intent to get to know them a little better and understand them. Then write down what you hear, feel, sense and see with your inner senses.

  • Wherever you feel tension breath into those places.
  • Be curious and non-judgmental – what do they look like/personalities? What messages do they have for you?

Step 3: Creating Harmony and balance (5 minutes)

At the end of each individual meeting with your inner man and woman, take 1-3 minutes to breathe in and out of your heart with your inner man and woman, repeating to them in your inner or outer voice, ‘I love you, I accept you’. Then give yourself a few minutes to relax, note down key insights and drink some water.

And that’s it! Do let me know how you get on, you’ll find me here on Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to explore these topics more deeply with Clare you can book an Individual Soul Session with Clare here, or read more about her upcoming Equinox Women’s 1 day workshop on balance, renewal and Creative Potential with Kwan Yin.