How to make this your most magical synchronicity filled month yet…

I have a deep knowing that life, in its essence is guided by and essentially based on synchronicity… if we open up and allow it.

Magical synchronicity is in my experience an outward expression of your energetic alignment to your highest potential. 

Signs are directional guides as to how to further align with this potential.

You are in a constant feedback system of signs and synchronicity.

Sync Dali lama quote

Synchronicities are those moments when what you were thinking and wanting in your inner world manifests in your outer world, leading to the most convenient magical coincidences!  Synchronicity gives you the confidence that you are on track and often extends your vision to even greater horizons…for if this miraculous event can happen..maybe there can be more?

When we feel in sync with life, we feel our flow, creativity and abundance.  We access a joyful, connected part of ourselves that, with lightness creates magic…

…more than that, we know we are part of the magic, we are part of a greater flow and connectivity that opens our hearts wide to love as the guiding creative force of all.

A group of you will get to explore how to step into your flow with me in person on July 13th,  (four more synchronicity magnetism places left! – follow here for more info), and we will be gathering online soon to for a 21 day immersion into flow and magical living.

However, now is the time to make this your most magical month yet,

so if this makes you sparkle with possibilities make these 3 practices your focus for the month and open to the joy and freedom that comes from welcoming the inflow of love from the universe.

Practice 1: Step into the unknown in full faith that you are supported beyond measure

Lets face it, to some level or another most of us have a control freak in us that wants to know exactly whats going to happen and that its a guaranteed success before we start. Our beautiful ego has a ‘stay safe by staying the same’ mechanism that can stop synchronicity in its tracks…

Thankfully your intuitive soulful self thrives on play and exploration of the new, you can activate this part of you through the simple awareness and intentionality,

 ‘ Soul/spirit guide me today. I open to the new and beautiful, I welcome my flow, opening the doors of abundance through joy.  I know that I am always unconditionally supported to become my greatest potential”

Sync child photo


Practice 2. Choose joy: honor and celebrate life and all that you love everyday

Many emotions pass through you everyday, some mildly, some strongly, and with a little tweak in your inner emotional radar you can increase the levels of joy and happiness within you.

Truth be told, this is a life long awakening to the power you have to fine tune our consciousness through the internal ‘drugs’ that you feed it.  Do you feed yourself the internal stress producing cortisol? Or do you feed yourself the feel good dopamine and loved up oxytocin?

One way you can activate that power right now is to celebrate, honor, talk about and focus on that which you that the song of a blackbird in the morning, the taste of your first cup of tea in the day, the smell of a rose, a hug from a friend.    There are so many ways you can do this in a day from gratitude journals through to choosing to stop and really take in through all your senses something that brings you joy.  If you really want to elevate your joy share it, it will magnify and affirm your trust in joy as the path of flow.

gratitude and joy

Practice 3: Free yourself to give your greatest gift today, trusting that in your surrender you will live beyond your wildest dreams

Really high velocity synchronicity and magic enters your life when you give yourself to something greater than you,  that is when you are motivated and living from a place of service.  Some people might subconsciously read service as suffering to achieve something greater, (watch out for that ‘do more to be enough’ belief mindset!).

However in surrendering to give your greatest gift, you are saying,

Beauty and worth quote

When you feel, know and live this level of surrender to giving your gift, magic and miracles flow.  To release the flow try saying the above statement to yourself in front of the mirror daily with love. Allow yourself to surrender to the knowing that it is the total and complete truth.  Reaffirm this truth daily by making it a sacred ritual to note the small and big ways that you are giving your gift.

My gift to you is to offer the space and guidance for you to remember how to be your confidently intuitive self, how to activate your power of intention and live in magical synchronicity and flow.  Wishing you your most magical month yet.

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