How to Be Radiant: 3 practices to bring back your sparkle.

Recently I experienced the ‘to-do list downer’, where I can feel overwhelmed in busyness and lose my sparkle. In this state anxiety, fear, lethargy, little niggles, aches and pains can start to come in. For me this is a wake-up call that it’s time to remember my radiance. I thought I’d share 3 practices the bring back your sparkle and activate more radiance.

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I believe that radiance is the natural state of someone living in flow and synchronicity with life.   The radiance and sparkle that we might notice on an outer level is actually the effect of an inner transformation that is lighting you up. On the inside your soul essence is in a high harmony, high vitality state that naturally is attracting and creating miracles.

I also believe that radiance is a choice and is something we can cultivate, and whilst I’m going to share 3 simple practices that will bring you greater radiance right now; if you want to really be your radiance, there are two questions, that I believe are key to answer.

They’re powerful questions that deserve deep inquiry and exploration, which is why I’ve created a 4-day retreat, in the most gorgeous location and organic/sustainable community in Italy, all at incredible value, (from £540 for 4 days, including all accommodation, food, local transfers and the retreat program!).

It’s soo the time to answer these questions – because when we do, we light up life, we make the daily miracles happen that create transformational change for us all.

So – the 3 practices that I want to share with you are a flow to reinstating radiance right now.

Practice 1: Coherence: Get co(llectively)here and co(llectively)hear

My ‘to –do list downer’ happens to be the stressor that dimmed my light.   Your radiance blocker might be something else, or you might not even know what took you down that spiral but you are experiencing some/all the symptoms of low energy emotionally, mentally and physically that can lead to feeling a bit toxic.

On an energetic level, what’s happening is that internally you have an energy conflict that is draining and disruptive on your energy system. For example, for me I felt the ‘pressure’ of completing what seemed to be a never-ending task list. The list was no longer my helpful tool, but my master! And quite rightly, whilst one part of me was working hard on the list, another part of me was rebelling, peed off that I was not nurturing my emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

I was internally battling myself and in the space of the ‘to-do list slave driver’ I was unaware that my body, emotions, mental and spiritual self were not trying to be difficult, but rather get a message across I had not yet heard!


So…practice 1: Take a few breaths down into your belly.

If there are het-up energies in you, release them by breathing out through your mouth. Allowing the sigh and sound you have been holding in to come out with the out breath.   Do this for as long as you need to feel more quiet, reflective and relaxed.   Now become the observer of your life right now as you are. And ask the question: “Is there an internal battle I’m fighting?   What is each side saying?” Then listen without judgement… curious to understand the needs, desires, emotions and perspectives of each side.

This process in itself is incredibly balancing and helps move you towards radiance, because you are taking the energy out of the internal conflict of stress. If you feel it’s beneficial, you can note down the needs of these different aspects of yourself and see if these are reasonable or unreasonable needs, and reflect on how you might want to respond to them.

Practice 2: Resonance: Using your imaginative power to shift your mood.

“Logic takes you from a to b, imagination takes you everywhere” – Einstein

Sometimes, the most wonderful way to shift our energy is to have fun creating new possibilities and feelings, sensing, talking about them.

Why is this helpful?

To whatever level you were feeling your light dimmed, this will correspond with resonating to certain ideas, beliefs, energy, emotions and experiences. You are in a certain vibratory range. Whilst listening to what is happening on that level is key to moving towards radiance, we’re not interested in wallowing in it, we want to complete/shift/disrupt the old frequency and move to a new resonance.

To do that we need new possibilities.

It’s like getting stuck in black and white, then bringing the most vibrant splash of colour, it’s a qualitative shift we want to cultivate.

So when I want to shift my energy I get creative and I work with qualitative changes that are based on my imaginative play. For example, with the to-do list, whilst turning down the pace, (quantitative shift) might be helpful to add a breather in your day, what we really need to do is disrupt the ‘I must be a slave to my to-do list’ thinking, otherwise taking time off will feel like more pressure, not less! So, I make it no longer about the to do list, rather it’s about including creativity in my day and shifting my energy with it; singing, dancing, moving, painting, finding cool images, being inspired and sharing my inspiration with people. Choosing to open my heart with gratitude for a friendship.

The practice essentially is to move from ‘more or less of the same’, into something new -what is missing, what do I want to add? This is my life landscape and I get to choose what I bring into it!

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One energetic practice that is really effective is to ask: “what colours would feed my soul right now?” Then imagine them, feel them, visualise them and breathe them through your aura and physical body until in your mind’s eye you are surrounded and filled with this vibrant colour. Also try bringing them into your environment, wear them and if you feel a really strong resonance with one colour – Google its meaning and effect, see what its offering you energetically.


Practice 3: Radiance: Fill up with Love – activate the Great Light

“Angels fly because they take themselves lightly” – K Chesterton … and this lightness is love.

So in the resonance practice you invite more fun, new possibilities into your world and we want them to be filled with potency and vibrancy. This is where radiance comes in.

The tiniest particles of our being are photons of light. This light is tangible, we can feel it, we can even see it in the glow around someone, and we call it radiance. All our words for it – shimmer, sparkle, shine, luminous – are quite literally talking about the reflection of light we are feeling.

Radiance is when you connect with this great source of light, chi, prana and you become a beacon or channel for this light to shine through you.

What is this light? Love. Unconditional, bounteous love.

Why do new mothers look radiant? They are overflowing with love.

Why do new lovers sparkle with magic? They are overflowing with love.

Radiance practices are all about taking care of the great light and love that you are, and choosing to live this love. So it’s time to fill up on love.


For yourself:

Feel, sense and enjoy this simple meditation: I love myself for who I am, I accept myself for who I am. If you are visual, add golden light to your colour meditations and feel it as liquid love.

For your life:

Offer blessings to everything wherever you go. A blessing is simply to offer your wish for the best for another, showering them in your love and appreciation.  Both because you can and it feels wonderful to do. This can be done silently or extravagantly for everything and anything!

Ultimately, radiance is about unifying in unconditional love who you are (your essence), with what you are here to give (your purpose and gifts) and attracting those people and situations where you can create positive paradigm shifts (your greatest service). This is the luminous journey of our radiance retreat.

I welcome you to join the magic , and wish you much sparkling radiance in following the 3 practices towards radiance.

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