Remember what’s possible & attract Synchronicity

I Invite you to take yourself to a time just after you did something you never thought you could do – you know that ‘holy cow’ moment of ‘that actually happened, I actually did that!!’

I would like you to remember one of those moments right now… it can be anything from a telepathic revelation, to standing up in front of a room and delivering a talk, to jogging further than you thought humanly possible!

Some of my moments are:

  • The moment when my first distance healing client confirmed exactly what I had felt
  • Jumping off a rather high rocky platform into fresh (COLD!!) river pool
  • Giving up sugar and feeling amazing as a result
  • Receiving clear guidance to leave my well paid job, follow my intuition for 2 years and change my life all together, and now teaching intuition!! – I never saw that coming, but 8 years ago that’s just what happened.


I invite you to take a minute to really FEEL that moment, just after you realised you completed the impossible – that might be an instance after a big individual moment – like my water jumping example! Or it might be in reflection of achieving a goal over many months.

As you spend a minute or so being in the experience of realising you achieved something you never thought you could do, notice:

  • How did you feel in your body?
  • What thoughts went through your head?
  • What happened to who you thought you were?
  • What was your sense of connection to your self?

Why is it important to anchor these moments?

We know 5% of the known universe – as the entirety of humanity!!!! Every week, month and year, we grow and discover things about ourselves that are amazing. The thing is, we can forget them, because we don’t train ourselves to remember the art of the possible. When you do remember then a few things happen:

  • You become your own benchmark – you are consciously developing your inner awareness towards your evolution.
  • You recognise and know the felt sense of expanding into new potentials – you not only become comfortable in it – you love it!!
  • You come to know yourselves as an innately creative being.

What has this got to do with Intuition and how we attract synchronicity??

You are not fixed and static – you are a living breathing energy that is so dynamic with possibility that no story or past pattern can hold you. You have radical possibility running through your veins… and that includes knowing things you never thought you could know, gaining clarity on areas of your life that have since forever seemed foggy and confusing. It can change in an instant,  you can know, you can step into a greater you with confidence and flow.
venus woman
Your intuition is your guidance system for stepping into the greater YOU… it is just waiting to support you in radical, powerful and loving ways. It lives in this place of creative possibility within you, it is unlimited by the pattern of ego or social conditioning, because it is a function of your Soul.

AND as you re-member advanced intuition practices you open the doorway to riding a flow of synchronicity and miracles to create your dreams. The more you hear your intuition and respond to it, the more synchronicity happens.  I know it to be the case in my life and my clients lives.
Everything ripples because everything is energy, and energy moves in waves and ripples. By focusing on what’s possible, you open the door to more of what’s possible that you don’t even know yet… this is the perfect place to step into living the Magical YOU everyday. You start to see yourself with the eyes of one who is waiting with openness and wonder of what super soul power you will reveal today.

This is the energy of synchronicity and magic – where we own our gifts and beauty and are open to the amazing grace of the universe and your Infinite Potential coming out to play!

Want to take it to the next level??

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You are so much more, your power to create your dreams is immense and your potential to live in your flow huge. This is why I created The Power of Synchronicity: 21 Day program so that you can live in your very real Field of Potential for 21 days – the magical 3 week window that anchors new ways of living. I wanted to make a program that could integrate into your life, so that your practices and inspiration directly flow into your day and you are supported to live synchronicity now.

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