Six Ways to Clear and Energise your Auric field

Have you ever felt like you’ve picked up energy that you didn’t want and weren’t sure how to get rid of it? Or perhaps you’ve gone into a social situation where you wanted to be fully present and alive, yet felt as if you were literally shrinking and involuntarily making yourself smaller before your own eyes!?

Or perhaps you have had those moments where you could swear you were radiating light from the core of your being and you felt naturally luminous, attracting wonder, joy and mini miracles wherever you go?

If so then you already know the power of your energy field to influence how present, confident and magical you feel.

Auric Field

The energy field around you is just as real as your physical body and, like your physical body, if you want to stay fit and healthy it pays to look after and nurture your auric field. When you have a healthy, harmonious and energised auric field then you have a greater ability to bounce back from life’s challenges because you are literally filling your space with positive energy that supports you in remaining emotionally uplifted, mentally clear and spiritually connected.

Likewise, that beautiful egg of energy that you are surrounded by is (when healthy) vibrating in such a way as to attract and magnetise experiences, situations and possibilities that bring more joy and possibility – even magic and synchronicity!

Recently, in my one to one client sessions, educating about and creating a harmonious bright and beautiful aura has been a theme coming up in many different situations. For example, working positively with the aura has helped clients:

  • Retain clarity and confidence in challenging work situations.
  • Learning how not to take on other people’s stuff (that can lead to energy drain, fatigue and illness).
  • Connecting to and feeling the ‘new you’ when going through significant personal change.
  • Igniting joy, bliss and cosmic alignment to initiate new relationships and business ventures successfully.

Auric Field

As a healer, I’ve been working with and teaching on the aura, human energy body and wider lightbody for many years. I’m thrilled that more and more people are working consciously with their auras as part of everyday life because these practices have huge benefits of many levels.

We are now waking up to the fact that we extend WAY beyond our skin and that this is not just a psychological or new age concept, but a field of energy that has been measured and photographed with different scientific methods for years. It seems that now it’s becoming more mainstream to talk about the human energy body – which is great to see!

Yet the knowledge of the human energy field is 1000’s of year old and has been worked with in eastern meditation and healing practices for eons. Even within the western scientific tradition in the 1800’s Faraday let us in on the secret that we are not these solid Newtonian objects that bump into each other but rather fields of energy that intermingle and connect with each other.

Auric Field

I remember the first time I felt my own aura after my Reiki 1 attunement, I got instantly that we humans are way more than we think we are! And as I have been teaching Reiki over the last 9 years, I see the same look of delight and awe in my students as they start to feel and work with the Aura through advanced healing practices.

Clients continue to ask me about working with their aura for health, spiritual and personal growth, so I’ve created an Aura Meditation and Activation Pack that allows you to experience and work with your aura in gorgeous ways. It includes over an hour of Audio meditations from me, along with a 10 page pdf guidebook. You can find out more here about this gorgeous pack that is available for you to download.

In the meantime, here are some quick and enjoyable ways to clear and energise your Aura.

How to Clear your Aura:

  • Smudging: with cleansing herbs such as sage leaves, Frankincense or my favourite Paulo Santo Wood Stick. For each method, waft the smoke of the herb, wood or resin around your aura front and back.
  • Sound Bath: Attend a sound bath where practitioners use bowls, gongs, drums, their voice and other instruments to cleanse, harmonise and energise your vibration. Sound works wonderfully for auric enlightenment! For those in Bristol area check out Bards of Avalon, for those London way check our Carly Grace.
  • Forest Bathing’ & mindful walking in nature: It’s possible to be unaware how much electrical static and magnetic glupe you can pick up in modern life. ‘Earthing’ and connecting with the earth through walking, gardening, picnicking, etc are all ways to ground excess/unnecessary energies and come back into harmony. Try barefoot and bare hands on the earth to fully get that grounded, relaxed and at ease feeling.

Auric Field

How to Energise your Aura:

There is some overlap between clearing and energising. All of the above will also energise and harmonise you, once you’ve gone through the clearing stage…

Remember also for these practices, have intent as to what ‘energised’ means to you. Your intention and focus is Uber Powerful. So on some days energised means focused and enthusiastic, other days it might feel like play and freedom. To help you get clarity on what energised means to you in any given moment ask the question, ‘if I was to experience myself right now in a state of awesomely wonderful, what would that look like?’

Auric Field

Then try out these methods:

  • Breathe! Seriously, we have sooo much more capacity to bring chi into our energy field simply by breathing. There are some simple beautiful breath practices as part of the Aura meditation and Activation pack. But right now try breathing in with the intent to draw into your energy field all that supports you (and aligns with your energised intent) and as you breathe out see this energy filling the egg shape of your aura that extends out from your body 3-4 ft.
  • The Love Light: If there was a colour that would represent your state of awesomely wonderful right now, what would it be? Then, when you’ve identified it, intend to breathe the most vibrant beautiful ray of this colour through your whole energy field, until you feel fully held in the beautiful light.
  • Crystal Magic: Crystals are conductors of energy, holders of light and offer wonderful balancing and energising qualities to your aura. Simply holding one in your hands, intending to connect to the crystal and working with its energy for your greatest benefit will feel wonderful. Visit a crystal shop and see what calls you; a small stone will be enough to work with. Also, do check out the qualities of the crystal as they do have different energetic influences, for example some are so energising you might not want to use them before bed!

Auric Field

There is such huge intelligence, wisdom and healing held in your Aura. It has much to teach you, and much to offer you in terms of living your fullest potential, tuning into to subtle and intuitive information.

Using just one of the above exercises will already start to bring your aura into a more balanced, harmonious and energised state, and when you take time to clear your aura, you create lots of beautiful vibrant space for new possibilities.

Auric Field

If you’re curious to learn more and take your practice to the next level, you can read more about the Aura Meditation and Activation Pack here.

Do let me know how you get on with the practices in this blog too. You can find me on Facebook and also in our private Facebook group where you can share your experiences or ask your questions about the aura.