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Soul Sessions

Now is the time to reclaim Soul Power: the imperative to become truth and love as expressed uniquely through you.

You are whole, complete, abundant and capable of miracles.

My role in a Soul Session is to create space for you to free yourself from limitations in order to step into your naturally vibrant and abundant self. 

This could mean healing physical pain or ailments or perhaps its emotional wounds or fear led thinking that has created unwanted patterns of behaviour. Or perhaps its a big or repeated life experience that has necessitated you to stop and address your soul directly in order to bring love and harmony.

For some of you, it might simply be that freedom itself is calling you; that you have awoken to a deep desire to discover more of this great Soul that you know you are.

Confident Intuitive

These sessions including healing, meditation and soulful coaching.

I have over 8 years experience working as a healer,  coach and intuition coach.  My clients include therapists and wholistic practitioners, academics, retailers, private and public sector executives, women and men.   I’m qualified as in Spiritually Based Coaching, (ICF accredited, Satvatove Institute), Reiki Master, Yoga teacher, Isis and Theta healer, as well as having completed numerous courses in subjects such as Vispassana meditation, conflict resolution coaching, shamanic practice and studies in the archetypal and mythic rights of the heroines Journey.

My experience is that we are innately free on a soul level. That the challenges we might face in our lives are opportunities to consciously remember that freedom and let loose our amazing spirit that is naturally joyful, fulfilled and abundant.

And the secret is…when you face your challenges with love, gratitude and awareness they transforms into the most intimate, sacred adventures of your life. Soul Sessions are the opportunity to be lovingly guided in becoming the real and magnificent being that you are. I draw on my expertise as a healer, coach and intuitive guide to support you in rediscovering your amazing Soul Power.

Benefits of receiving a Soul Session are multi-faceted.

womaninlightThey are not limited to but include caring for any particular physical, emotional, or mental complaint that you identify before the session. For example this might mean reduction or removal of physical pain, an accelerated healing process or transformation of old ways of thinking. Clients often report experiences of deep relaxation, mental clarity, increased confidence and wellbeing. Many clients feel they tap into a knowing and love that is beyond words.

What happens in a soul session varies from client to client.

There may be energy healing, meditation and discussion. You might receive a Reiki, Theta, sound or Isis healing, or you might be guided in discovering more about yourself through intuitive listening, meditation and soulful dialogues. In total, a Soul Session will lasts 1 hour.

 Clare Practices in Person in Bristol at the Harbourside Practice and the Practice Rooms in Clifton.   She also practices in London by request.

Soul Sessions via phone or skype

I find that soul sessions at a distance are just as effective as in person sessions. As with in person sessions, Soul Sessions via skype or phone include energy healing, meditation and soulful dialogue. It is widely understood in nearly all energy healing modalities that physical distance is no object to healing. If you have not tried distance energy healing, the proof is in the experiencing! If you have video skype this can add wonderfully to a session.

Butterfly Wisdom of Soulful transformation

“Dancing with all Life, each moment new spirits meet.

The kiss of a thousand dreams, hearts singing with the joy she brings.

Sharing what she knows, momentous change awaits,

She whispers, life’s more than it seems, Let go, know you to have wings”. Clare

“One of the greatest Soul Powers is Surrender.

Surrender is an act of soul empowerment through releasing of the finite or limited perception of who we are” Clare

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