Soul Stamina: from fizzling out to Soul Dreaming

bored-ChildHave you ever experienced those moments when everything is on track, you have a clear direction and plan for your life, then out of know-where,  something happens and motivation dies?

As much as you know it should be there, your excitement about what you are creating just vanished.   It may be the most exciting project in the world – writing the book you have always wanted to, creating the business that is going to sustain you by doing what you love.   However after an initial flurry of excitement, the motivation and momentum starts to fizzle.

This has happened to me and now I recognize it as a vital part of personal and spiritual growth,  I call it the ‘fizzle factor’.

A while ago I was at a new stage of business growth that I had been thinking about for years.  I was going through the motions of creating changes. I had asked for support in terms of business strategy and  overall, I had invested my time and resources in starting this new part of my work.

However, if I was really honest, considering  my business is my passion; that I had changed my entire working life to see if I could sustain myself through my passion, I was distinctly ‘flat’ about the whole thing.  I was going through the motions, I had spurts of enthusiasm, but the overall drive, purpose and vision was not really there…

I started to realize this is really odd…  What’s happening?  Who deflated my balloon?

deflated balloon

Although these experiences can be caused by large external circumstances, perhaps like me, (and most often) there is nothing overly different happening on the outside, there just seems to be a lessening of your drive to succeed at what you thought was your passion.   Doubts start to come in such as, ‘ perhaps this was just a pipe dream?”  ‘Maybe I’m not cut out for this?’  ‘maybe the time isn’t right?’

Fizzle-factor non moments…or are they?

These experiences can appear in your life as ‘non moments’, insignificant instances that you hardly notice, largely because of their flatness.   Yet when you look back and wonder why on earth you gave up on your passion – its going to be these non-moments that began the vanishing act of your dream to live your purpose.

golden moment
From a soul perspective – these are golden moments.
These are the moments when you are about to clear away the debris of  cultural programming, childhood fears and karmic residue so that your true nature as a conscious co-creator of infinite potential emerges to a whole new level.


And guess what…your ego knows it coming!

This is the challenge, ultimately your Soul is in the driving seat of your life.    Your soul sees the bigger picture of who you are as part of the greater whole of LIFE.

The ego’s role is to provide the substance of your life that supports your journey of soul growth.  However, this means ego is ‘non-necessary’.  Ego is part of the constantly changing flow of life that appears in different forms at different times.  Part of the natural flow of change is for some things to disappear and other things to appear.  You can see this with your thoughts and ideas and how much they change over your life.  You can see it with your emotions as they move and flow daily or hourly.

Problems occur when certain beliefs or emotions want to stay….forever.  These emotions, beliefs and energy fragments are taken on as an identify by the ego, yet the soul’s journey necessitates that they will, sooner or later, be let go.    Often these ‘non-moment’ are aspects of your ego not wanting to let go, which then slows the momentum of your growth and change, as you find yourself grinding to a  demotivated halt.


Now is the time to discover the power of Soul Dreaming

Sometimes when you begin a project, the project is seeded from the Soul.   For the goals and projects that are significant, its a feeling of being called to the project.  However, often fairly rapidly after the initial soul seeding, the ego comes along and takes hold of the idea or project that you’re excited about.

To achieve this goal will prove you are as worthy, intelligent and loving as your ego might like to believe!  This goal could potentially also bring you the attention or status that your ego craves!  The ego agrees – this project is a good idea, and I’m motivated!

The ego’s drive to succeed often carries you through the first stage of the project, however somewhere along the way, because this project was seeded from the soul, the project will necessitate the ego to dissolve, change or evolve.  As such, slowly but surely,  the ego no longer feeds you your daily dose of excitement and thrill for the project.  Fairly soon, your ego wished that you would not be doing this project at all!

Enter the fizzle factor.

The ego’s ‘fair weather’ support might be viewed much like the first stages of meeting a loved one. Initially all the fireworks, sexual attraction and knowledge that someone likes you is very exciting.  You feel love growing in your heart, you feel wonderful, jubilant even blissful.  Then, as the other person gets to know you more, they see your not so lovely bits and, if they are a true soul friend, they will loving support you on your journey of soul growth.  Letting you know when something seems off and with love and compassion challenging you….

..The ego is becoming decidedly less interested by the minute.  The soul on the other hand is opening to the possibility of true love, of real companionship and connection.

Its at this precious ‘golden-moments-masquerading-as-non-moments’ where the next phase of Soul Dreaming becomes paramount.

The Soul is motivated by self-realization.   To know and Be truth, love and infinite possibility.   To really nurture your soulful goals and intentional creations, you must open to dreaming with the Soul and bring consciousness to that which motivates your Soul.

Be ready…the soul dreams BIG.

However small or big, goals without an identified soulful purpose do not motivate the soul.  That’s boring.   The Soul cannot play the small game of making you a bit more liked, loved or accepted.   The Soul is interested in a qualitative shift of your reality.  To the soul, the possibility of bliss, peace and fulfillment are not impossible, they are the ONLY possibility

Consciously engaging your soul in your dreams, you raise your visioning to the Soulful proportions of the infinite.   You are opening to soul growth you can barely imagine, love that will transform you and soul power that will inspire miracles.

New futures bright
How to activate Soul Dreaming:

If this sounds great, but you’re wondering, “how can I activate Soul Dreaming for my goals and projects?’  Then get yourself settled and be ready to ask a few powerful questions.

Connect with your breathe, find your place of stillness and ask your intuition, as the voice of your Soul, some of the following questions;

  1. If this goal was actually only secondarily a ‘worldly goal’, but primarily a goal of spirit, what would be its purpose?
  2. If achieving this goal had the possibility of leading to transformative Soul (personal and/0r spiritual) growth, what would that look like?
  3. If the journey of creating this goal was actually a journey that created miracles that support others, (‘other ’can be humans, animals and planetary), what might those miracles be?

As you listen to the answers of your intuition, be curious, be empathetic and allow your soul to find its own way of speaking to you.    If you would like help in opening up your channel of soulful communication, do download this free 360 degree Intuition Audio Training.

Wishing you an auspicious fortuitous time dreaming your world into being.

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