Synchronicity Is LOVE in MOTION; Being the Lover

Synchronicity is the means by which we flow through life with the greatest ease and joy. When we experience synchronicity, we often feel loved and cherished by the universe. We experience a sense of deep support and soulful affirmation. When synchronicity happens, it’s as if the universe has arranged for perfectly timed and placed helpfulness, and in this awareness even the unexpected arrival of a parking space can evoke appreciation in a bucket load!


Synchronicity often evokes gratitude and appreciation, we smile and share wonder and awe with those around us. We have a sense of magic and possibility. Are we not describing a state of being in love?

When I look at the refined practices and principles of living in flow and synchronicity I see love at the heart of it. Through love we hear intuitive wisdom; the heart is like the hub and Wi-Fi for intuition precisely because it’s the central point of love held within our being. Our intentions work most gracefully when we are in alignment with the highest good of all beings, that is when our intentions put love at their centre. It’s my experience that the skilled bringing together of Intuitive wisdom and intentional co-creation is what generates synchronicity. So if they are all based on love, might synchronicity be love in motion?

In a week, when globally we have been given a permission slip to love and express love, I thought perhaps deep diving into the archetype of the lover might be informative and fun. The great goddesses of Aphrodite and Venus, the great lovers of our history! What might they teach us of being a lover of life, and perhaps also a lover of love that overflows as synchronicity?


What might it look like for us to be the Lover of the universe?

As the blissful consort to the universe, you are in a state of rapture for your beloved. You wish to give everything to your beloved. It is your deep joy and bliss to provide all your beloved desires. The lover gives all generously, and when a gift is given it is treasured for all that it is, the beauty, the bounty, the wonder! There is nothing lacking, how can anything be lacking with such a great gift from the one we love?

Becoming the lover does, in my experience, open the way for miraculous flow and synchronicity. As the lover, our consciousness is in a state of abundance and miracles, and as we live this truth we enter the higher ‘peak state’ of flow that is mirrored in outer synchronicity.

Yet sometimes, we can be a ‘lover who is learning’ – when we are in this state, flow can become a trickle. As much work and effort as we put in, flow eludes us. But perhaps this is because we are still learning how to live in the state of flow, as a flow of love?

So, just maybe you might recognize one of these ‘lovers who are learning’ in how you feel and treat synchronicity, flow, manifestation and miracle creation. See if you can read the following with audacious self-love and curiosity. We are all learning and growing and this dance of synchronicity I believe is at the heart of our growth in its true essence as the dance of love.


Lover archetypes in learning:

The jealous one: What if his beloved spent more time with others, (i.e. “why does synchronicity and miracles happen to others and not me?”) Might she stop loving him? Must he spite her other lovers?

Jealously causes separation and breaks the flow. The way to heal jealously is that when we see success and all that we want in others lives, we choose to celebrate and love this. Allow your heart to melt with love by what others have and its passage to your own heart will arrive.  For example, a few months before I met my beloved, I found myself spending more time around the most wonderful couples. I knew that this was the universe’s sign that my beloved was going to arrive soon – my appreciation of what they had, opened my own heart to receive love.

The lusting one: Love has come new to this adolescent; it’s so exciting, intriguing, delicious. He wants more and cannot wait! The lusting one has tasted the first fruits of love, and mistakes the fruits for the tree. This tree has deep roots and many seasons, sometimes in blossom, sometimes fruiting, and sometimes going within to store the winter energies for a bountiful harvest the following year. The lustful one can become impatient, grabbing and taking fruits before they are ripe.

However, the mature lover sees the whole, the entire cycle of life is part of the beloved and all is cherished. With synchronicity, there can be times of immense synchronic activity; impossible coincidences, meeting the right people at the right time, our inner thoughts and insights appearing so clearly in the outside world. Yet if we become too obsessed with these synchronicities on the surface, we can miss the swell and the tides bringing us forward through greater cycles. We can proudly show the fruits of our synchronicity thinking “this is it”, this is the specialness, not seeing that these come from a greater life force and love source. If this is you, relax into the cycles, trust in where you are right now, and know that you are riding waves of miracles that will express themselves at the perfect time.tree

The needy one: The needy lover seeks proof of his love, seeks to fill a hole in his being through the love that the lover gives out. He starts to tire his lover, for he cannot give of worth, because he sees himself as empty, incomplete, unworthy to offer up to others. Each synchronicity goes a small way to fill the hole, but like a leaky bucket it becomes empty again. The needy lover may show off synchronicity as proof of rightness/worth/specialness…which, of course, is all a cover for the desire of more love.

If synchronicity becomes something we need, then we give our power away to instances of synchronicity, rather than knowing that flow come from us in co-creation with love. The truth is; those who live in flow and synchronicity are those who arrive full of love. They say yes to the dance of giving and receiving love, which naturally flows back to them in magical ways.

The obsessive one: Contaminated by the fears of old, of loss of abandon, of betrayal, the obsessive one hunts his beloved. He seeks to control her. However, the pure beloved is untamed; she cannot be held and runs through his fingers as water flowing back to the sea. He strains and tries harder but to no avail, the beloved by her nature flows and returns to the whole.

With synchronicity we can want to recreate, prove, control and plan our ‘perfect’ synchronicity, we hear the foolishness of this ploy, yet we still do it. Because synchronicity does not play this game, we are left to the world of the mind to play the game for us, and we drift into a fantasy world where we are in just the right place and the right time, we meet our perfect man and we live happily every after. Our dreams are fulfilled in a ghost reality that requires that we check out of the real one where love and synchronicity flow in their own timing and way. Healing the obsessive ones is all about relaxing, raising awareness and appreciation of what is now and trusting, you are already in the right place and the perfect time and it is only in stepping into the unknown that the flow will open itself.

Returning to our Venus and Aphrodite inspiration…how can we tap into synchronicity through being the mature lover?

The lover does not count kisses, the lover is in the kiss, is in the experience and appreciation of love. The lover listens and responds with his beloved. He dances with her through the night, through the day, through all time. He finds the rhythm and flow of her, because he desires to merge with her, become one with her. Separation is impossible; he and she are one union.

In the same way, our synchronicity is not separate from us, it’s one with us, it’s a bountiful flow that does not stop giving, the earth, the universe, love is unending in giving. Rather we are being asked, how much can you receive, how much can you give and listen?


At any point where you feel you have lost your flow, simply ask;

What would love do, be and look like right now?

Where is love in this situation?

How might I bring love as the guiding flow to this moment?

Your answers will bring you back to your flow. Living in love taps you into the ‘mother source’ of synchronicity; no more chasing the elusive flow…you are the flow!

What’s also true is when we feel the spike of energy arise in us of either the blissful feelings of love, or the desire to bring more love into our lives, we are in a place of major potential intuitive breakthrough!

Why? Because most often our intuition is shut down by analytical over thinking, yet awakened in the heart. So when the heart’s wisdom speaks to us and stands for our desires, we are offered an opportunity to dissolve the fog of confusion, clarify our heart’s highest intent and take great advancements in living our highest potential.

If for you, this week has specifically been one of deep heart awakening, joyful or challenging, I encourage you to consider acting now to initiate your intuitive breakthrough. In my individual sessions I support my clients to reconnect with their heart wisdom and I feel the ripe timing of this week to do just that! If this is you, do be in touch and make the most of this energetic opportunity!


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