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Sacred Sunday Sessions: Awakening

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Sacred Sunday Sessions are opportunities to nourish your soul, to fill up with the goodness and grace of Being with a group of like-minded people.  When we come together centered in our true essence, we collectively create a space for the miraculous, mind blowing and soul expanding.  Welcome to Sacred Sunday Sessions.

Sacred Sundays recharge and revitalise your Soul through coming together with others in the simple truths and principles of living fulfilled, happy and peace filled lives in community with others. Each evening we will take 1 simple yet rich topic of exploration.
March 2nd 2014:  Awakening6pm – 7.30pm Bristol

The topic of ‘waking up’ is on the lips of every explorer of consciousness.   What is it to have an awakening experience?  What does it mean for your life?  What happens afterwards?  If its different for everyone, what brings us together in order to share and grow our experience?  These are just some of the questions we will be exploring through direct experience and personal inquiry.   Its my experience that by being willing to sit in the questions, we arrive at answers that take us deep into the heart of truth.  Being together, we create a space that can build powerful foundations of insight, wisdom and experience to centre us in our life.

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