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The Intuition Compass

After a hot and challenging Yoga teaching training class, my teacher Duncan is speaking to us; as usual I’m just glad to be listening rather than trying to hold a pose that seems impossible. As he’s speaking, he says the words ‘Yogi’s don’t believe, they know’. Everything he said before and after that point are […]

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Synchronicity Is LOVE in MOTION; Being the Lover

Synchronicity is the means by which we flow through life with the greatest ease and joy. When we experience synchronicity, we often feel loved and cherished by the universe. We experience a sense of deep support and soulful affirmation. When synchronicity happens, it’s as if the universe has arranged for perfectly timed and placed helpfulness, […]

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Half Day workshop: Intuition + Intention = Synchronicity: The Power of Conscious Living Awakening

Half-day workshops:  Saturday 1st March 2014 : Intuition + Intention = Synchronicity: The Power of Conscious Living Awakening. Discover your Intuitive Anchors and how your subtle senses are talking to you all the time.

Dove woman
A magical afternoon programme of discovering your intuitive wisdom, experiencing the positive manifesting power of your intention and riding the waves of flow and synchronicity.
Here are just some of the areas we will be covering in this experiential workshop


  • Learn how to differentiate the noise of the ego from the inner wisdom of your soul.
  • Understand how effective intention leads to manifesting your soul purpose
  • Discover the energetics of conscious creation and how to be in flow
  • Receive techniques to prevent the ‘fizzle factor’ disrupting your goals allowing you to manifest your soul dreaming
  • Learning how to decipher the codes of signs in your life
  • Understand how and why synchronicity occurs
  • Know the top 5 blocks to synchronicity and how to dissolve them
  • Invite greater magic & synchronicity into your life in just 7 days – kick start your springtime!
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Talk Glastonbury: Intuition + Intention = Synchronicity, the Power of Conscious Living

Intuition + Intention = Synchronicity: Tap into the power of conscious living
When you’re receptive to the depths of your inner wisdom and you awaken the fire of intentional creation you open yourself to an effortless flow of synchronicity.    This is the power of conscious living.
Intuitives are imagineers, dreamers and visionaries of the new world to come.   They are leaders of positive change because they tap into future possibilities, having the confidence and discernment to know what to act upon when.

People who use their power of intention are manifestors of the highest order.  They are not afraid to make their mark on the world and they do so with such positivity that they normally inspire others to do the same.

Now is the time to own our Intuitive Wisdom and harness the Power of Intention.  Change is afoot and without these essential powers of consciousness, we’re left adrift in a sea of chaotic change.

However, when we do nurture and refine these capabilities, we come into alignment with synchronicity and have the power to be and live the miraculous.

Clare Russell is an intuitive expert, healer, coach and sacred travel leader, founder of sacreddestinations.org and Clarerussell.com.  She runs courses, tours and events internationally on the subjects of intuition, the subtle energy body, transformative communication and healing, including events for Alternatives and the London College of Spirituality. She has written for national magazines such as Natural Health and Soul & Spirit.

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