The Five Rituals to Radiance

Over the last few weeks I’ve been posting on Facebook my rituals to radiance – these are the practices, reminders and ways into establishing radiant living in your life. And the feedback from them has been that people would love to see them all in one place! So here they are!

These 5 rituals to radiance open the doorway to radiance because they enable us to answer two questions that activate our luminous self. Those questions are:

  • What is it that we truly love?
  • How do we put what we most deeply love at the centre of our life?

These are also the questions that we are going to be exploring on our Italy Summer Solstice Radiance Retreat – a 4 day immersion into uncovering your path to living what you love.

But before I share these rituals with you – I offer you the following suggestion:

  • Let go of rushing – opening to what you love is a space of unfolding, like the petals of a flower coming into bloom.
  • Notice each moment and texture of experience and awakening along the way – your presence in the moment is key to walking through the golden gateway to living your dreams.

Your 1st Ritual to Radiance: Relax


Stop, Enjoy, Be. This is the first ritual to living radiantly, it seems simple, however, so often missed, when we are creating the life we love, we need space… and more space to dream freely, vision deeply from a place of total open relaxation…living radiantly means that hours or even days spent in hammocks such as this, (a photo taken in a quiet corner at our Italy summer solstice retreat location for 2015) is actually the activity of high voltage alchemy and heart resonant creation.


Your 2nd ritual to Radiance: Reconnect 


Often in workshops, when I guide people to reconnect with their intuition and inner self, what happens is that within a few short minutes their inner self starts speaking to them loud and clear – it’s only then that they realize they were disconnected from their innate knowing and inner soul compass.

I believe it’s important to schedule time in your day, week and year for reconnection. It’s a practice that ensures we’re not just living life on the surface, but fully connected to our why, our sense of meaning, and that we are fully aligned energetically and soulfully to it.   Reconnection is the ‘on button’ to really living your dreams. Start by asking yourself, how can I reconnect today?

Your 3rd ritual to radiance: Receive


How will you let the universe know you are ready to receive your dreams? We are such go getters! It’s like a western pathology; to go make it happen, find and quest and search…yet that’s only half of the yin yang balance, and we have gone pretty Yang mission focused in life! For you to put what you deeply love at the centre of your life, you must also create a container to hold, love, cherish and nurture what you love. This is the willingness to be a centred, rooted holder of space to receive your love physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In the retreat this summer this is such a gorgeous ritual to go deeply in to and when we do, we create miracles. Receiving is the divine consort to visioning and dreaming, without receiver the dream stays in the dream worlds with nowhere to be born into physical form.   Be the receiver and your dreams are born.


Your 4th Ritual to Radiance: Remember


As you relax you open your reconnection, you receive your inner wealth and joy, then you start to remember yourself. What was previously blocked is released and integrated; what was fragmented is unified. You remember who you are, you remember what you really love, and you remember how to put it at the centre of your world.

For all practical purposes, your memory is infinite, the neurons and all the connections they form would allow for a million gigabytes worth of information – as a comparison this is 3 million hours’ worth of video! Often when we really ‘get something’, when that insight comes to us that changes everything, it feels like we knew it all along but had not realised it. That actually we are remembering fragments of who we are, what we know.

The ritual of remembering is subtle yet vital. It can be healing to integrate what was forgotten. On the retreat we will be working with remembering through all the layers of your subtle energy field, merging all the different aspects of you into one unified whole. Remembering feels like a waking up to who you truly are, you can feel vitalised and have great focus and clarity about how you can live your dreams.

Your 5th rituals to Radiance: Reclaim


Reclaiming is about self-actualisation; this is living your highest state of potential and being motivated and guided by your soul power. Becoming your radiance is a journey. At one end there is ‘surviving’ – this is where outer circumstance/life/ situations are controlling you. At this stage your role is simply to get by. When you decide – that’s not enough, that’s not what life is about, you begin a healing journey that increases self awareness, self love and involves forgiveness; discovering your desires, wants and needs. As you move through this healing journey, you open to greater and more joyful possibilities, leading to a place where you know how to empower your conscious intention to put what you love at the centre of your life.   This is the reclaiming of your life as the container of your dreams.

Reclaiming is an act of soul empowerment and soul sovereignty. Instead of being the effect of certain things in your life, (be it external circumstance or inner emotions and thoughts), you become the cause. Ceremonial practices are the ancient art of accessing and reclaiming your soul power. Throughout our Italy retreat, we will be working with simple, authentic ceremony practices, relevant to you. In the final day we will be celebrating summer solstice with the sunrise, and joyful fire ceremony at night. The celebration of the height of the outer light being a reflection of the great inner light shining out of us unrestricted. I already feel the joy that comes from that reclaiming!

We have just 10 places remaining for the Italy Summer Solstice, Solar Radiance retreat.

If you feel that one of them is waiting for you, I greatly welcome you to me at this gorgeous retreat centre and transformational retreat.

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