The Intuition Compass

After a hot and challenging Yoga teaching training class, my teacher Duncan is speaking to us; as usual I’m just glad to be listening rather than trying to hold a pose that seems impossible. As he’s speaking, he says the words ‘Yogi’s don’t believe, they know’. Everything he said before and after that point are a blank. However those 5 words were heard by my ears and felt by my body in such a way that they landed. His words brought into clear focus many questions that had been swirling within me, doubts I had been feeling about my direction, my work, wanting to find love.

I got it: How much of my life was I living unquestioned, based on the beliefs of others? How many beliefs had I assumed from my culture, my family, and even the way I had been educated?


How did I KNOW any of them were true? Would I be willing to stake my life on them?…and more to the point, I already was staking my life on them! So what can I do about it? How can I find a way of knowing that I can trust? That I KNOW for me. How can I overcome what seems like an unending flow of second guessing self-doubt to make the changes in my life to live my dreams?…And how do I know that my dreams are not pipe dreams, but the real deal and worthy of my adventure and the risks I would take to make them real?

Walking down the familiar old Chinese alleyway in central Shanghai where I was living and working at the time, the buzz of the modern city and the newly arriving big brand shops was seen for what it was – a veneer. I felt inside that I now knew for sure – this was just the veneer, something else far more substantial, meaningful and important existed within this outer life. At that point I had no idea of how I was going to get to it, but with my new vision I was sure going to try!

awakened 2

That was 8 years ago, little did I know that a few months later my awakening sense of knowing would have led me to leave my well paid career, start training in healing, meditation and coaching, travel all over the world – just following the power of my intuition. Now, I look back and I can see how my intuitive compass – my sense of inner knowing – was awakening and putting my life back on track to fulfillment, joy, love and far more than I could have ever imagined.

I’m often asked: how did I start my journey of connecting with my intuition? So I thought I would share with you one of the early times I recognised the importance of my intuition. It’s often assumed that I was just born intuitive – have always been able to see ‘unseen worlds’. (And often this is the assumption given to any skills/capacity that we don’t understand/know how to develop). And although many people are born remembering and knowing this inner capacity for wisdom and connection beyond the rational – it’s not all of us. And more importantly, for those of us who go through a remembering process, we are no less capable of being highly intuitive.

Yes I can now look back on my life and see the signs along the way, the helpful hints, and convenient coincidences that were nudging me in the right direction, however most of the time I suspect I didn’t get it! My poor intuitive voice probably spent much time wondering if I was ever going to hear it! However, I did, and the more I listened, the more I heard. The more I heard, the more magic, meaning, synchronicity and miracles happened in my life.

I have also made the journey from a highly rational, logical, analytical approach to decision making to intuitive, heart resonant, radiant living. I have experienced the challenges along the way, and learnt how to support myself and others in opening to their eureka moments.


And they will be your intuitive aha’s, your inner voice/sense/feeling will talk to you in its own way, my role is to support you refining your intuition compass. I’m passionate about supporting all those who want to, hearing their intuitive wisdom because I know the magic that awaits you and the world from doing so.

Intuition is a natural capacity of us all. The perfect time to access your intuition is self-determined. If now is that that time – say an inner yes, a confirmation to yourself. Even though you might not yet know how – you are willing to listen. Then, if you have not done so already download this free 3 part audio, on developing your 360 degree intuition…begin to practice the principles and exercise it shares…Then do let me know how it goes…what is your intuition starting to tell you?

The magic is just beginning and the radiant you is getting ready to shine even brighter!


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