Becoming an Imagineer

imagineers logo version 2We all have the potential in us, but what does it look like to live our creative purpose?

Introducing the Imagineer

You are pure creative potential, you are living in possibility and change is the liberator that moves you towards vast horizons. You know that ‘past truths’ are just a fraction of the totality of potential experience.  You utilise your dreamer potential as a gateway into desired futures that inspire you and fulfill you in the Now. As an Imagineer you are constantly becoming, you are learning all the time.  Your world is one where ‘living in the question’ inspires you to open to new answers (and questions).

You know that who you are is beyond delivering to ego definitions of success because you live with a bigger picture vision and passion that wants to create through you.  Because of this, taking risks, being vulnerable, spontaneity, love, intimacy are all part of your life.  Outward success and failure are the peaks and troughs of a vibrant life that you willingly ride.

You know the power of your consciousness to create, and so you choose to direct your thoughts and feelings intentionally towards your visions and creations.  The Imagineer discovers intuitive revelation, abundant resources, the power of intention and experiences being in synchronicity and flow of life.   The Imagineer taps into the power to make dreams a reality and inspires others to do the same.

Being an Imagineer is not a one time decision, it’s a moment by moment practice of coming alive to You.  We are all born with the potential of the Imagineer, will you become an Imagineer of your world?

Right now there are an unprecedented number of major problematic issues confronting us. As an Imagineer you want to act and be a force for positive sustainable change, perhaps in your own life, those of your loved ones and wider community. Our present crisis strewn society can be seen as a result of left brained thinking, logical and mind dominated decisions based on selfishness and greed. The creative and intuitive use of imagination will enable us to start forming alternative ways of being based on collaboration and mutual aid.  And oh my goodness  it feels good to set free your Imagineer!

Maybe there is an Imagineer just waiting to be born in you?