Why Clear Intuition comes from a Clear Energetic field

In my work as a healer, I learnt quite quickly that my ability to discern what’s happening in the client’s energetic field is greatly helped by the ‘clear space’ around me and my client. For example, on the outer level the room needs to be clean and tidy as well as having been energetically cleared. On the inner level, my mind and emotions need to be settled and clear. You also need to be able to have healthy boundaries between the client and the practitioner.

Without these things, there is an energetic ‘din’ or white noise that can prevent intuitive messages from getting through. Likewise, when you want to receive intuition on a specific situation for you, it’s also helpful to have those same qualities of clear energetic space.

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Intuition is a very fine, subtle aspect of our consciousness that can on occasion ‘shout’ out through the din of your internal chatter, emotions and mental ramblings. It will be far better heard and understood when there is a quiet space around you.

For example, if you ask your intuition to give you guidance on a decision, it does its job and gives you its best insight. However, you might not even hear that if a millisecond later emotions jump on that insight and say, ‘no way, I’m not doing that – it exposes me to risk, uncertainty and vulnerability, that can’t be right, there must be another way’. Emotions are quicker and more instinctive than thoughts, however not far behind can be other noisy beliefs such as ‘well that’s absolute garbage, you’re not good enough to do that, you’re going to fail, you always fail, best to play it safe.’

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Without clear space, very quickly, the intuitive insight is clouded and you are experiencing adrenalin running through your system telling you to escape and go back into the ‘normal’ safe zone. In fact, this adrenalin rush to not change can for some people get associated with their intuitive impulses, making it feel scary to even connect to their intuition.

For you to get your intuition to work effectively in an environment where your emotions and thoughts are pushing and pulling you in all directions, is highly challenging. This is why one of the first steps to hearing your intuitive wisdom is to create clear energetic space. This space allows your intuition to be delivered to you and percolate up through your being so you are free to reach that ‘ah ha’ light bulb moment that changes your life.

What is the Human Energy Field?

The electromagnetic field around us can be measured in hertz frequency. It extends out from the average human about 3 feet, however this does varies for different people. And for each of us individually, it will vary depending on our state of consciousness, vitality and wellbeing.

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This energy field, although only recently measurable by science, has been recognized for many years in ancient healing and wisdom traditions. In these traditions we talk of the aura or the subtle body that permeates and radiates out from the physical body. It has different layers with different textures and densities and these are related to different aspects of us. For example there is an emotional body that energetically holds our emotional landscape at any one time and there is our mental body that holds our thoughts and ideas. In healing traditions, the aura is a place of deep and powerful healing as it holds the subtle form of those energetic patterns that then form physical and outer patterns. In fact, working in this energy field is vital for health and vitality.

My experience of working with individuals and groups has shown me that clearing, energising and consciously engaging with your aura is hugely powerful. Meditation, energetic healing and subtle body energetic techniques are part of nearly everything I offer because it’s such a gateway into actually hearing your intuition speak to you.

A simple technique to create clarity and energetic space

Your energy field is also really much more accessible and real that you might imagine and responds to your conscious intent, powerfully and palpable. Here’s 1 way right now you can clear your energy field. It takes 2 minutes and will leave you all tingly and alert! It’s called a Dry Energy Body Wash and is a technique from a number of healing disciplines, including Reiki.

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Start at the top of your head with your hands and with firm gentleness and intent to clear off any energies you no longer need, brush down your body.

Move your hands from your head, across one shoulder and down the arm, right to finger tips, intending to brush off any energy you no longer need to the earth. Do the same with the other arm and shoulder starting from the head.

Now from upper chest, down your torso – including the back of you, continue brushing down your legs to your feet and the earth, releasing any energy you no longer need.

Key tips for dry energy body washing

  • Always move downwards in brushing movements
  • Find the right pressure for you, but it can feel good to be reasonably energetic about it
  • Be fairly swift – you want any stale/stuck energy to get all swept up and off and out of your aura by your movement
  • Complete from head to toe 3 times

When you are complete, stand still, legs hip width apart, look straight ahead, connect to your breath and notice how you feel. Although focused on the first layers of your aura, it’s a powerful practice that can have a positive effect on your whole energy field. Clients often report feeling lighter, energized and more awake or alert with the old energy gone. Sometimes people feel energetically warmed up by the physical and subtle movements.

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If you are wanting to ask for intuitive insight, focus your attention on following your breath for 3-10 breaths, then when you feel settled and still, welcome your inner wisdom to speak with you, and simply listen.

I find this technique so simple, and beneficial I love to use it for a 2 min refresh in my day, do feel free to share with me how you get on in using it too!