You are a dreamer of infinite potential!

In June, over the summer solstice I welcomed an amazing sacred tribe to join me in Italy for a 4-day adventure into who we are, what we love and how to live our radiance.  There is more to share on this amazing inner journey and all that emerged, this article is about how for myself and the others who journeyed with me, the retreat propelled us into a dream state, not as an escape from life, but as a highly creative, potent path of illumination and manifestation.

Retreat in circle

In this blog I want to share more with you about what this dream state is – why we so often misunderstand it as escapist, or even label it ‘dysfunctional’ daydreaming and why right now awakening to your dreamer potential could be one of your most important activities.

So, taking a step back, how did we get to this dream state?  On retreat, we weaved a journey through meditation, ceremony, spiritual practices, sharing, laughter, tears, hugs and celebration.  It was really quite amazing how we bonded as a group so quickly, as we went deeply into the 5 step pathway to radiance, that led to us emerging on summer solstice in a state of lightness and bliss where dreaming was revealed for what it truly is – the path of creation in our awakened state.

Dream state

From my own experience, this dreamer state is something I experience often on tour and retreat as my guiding light. I’ve always known these sacred journeys are teaching us how to live at a greater level of harmony, synchronicity and possibility, however I felt it crystalise more deeply within me on the last day of this years summer solstice retreat.   How to describe this experience?  Imagine letting go and falling back onto an infusion of shimmering light that holds you effortlessly. This light feels so wonderful and light, that you loose the sense of the edge of you and the beginning of the light infusion that you are resting on. You are totally present, totally aware, yet also have no dominant sense of you. You just are…Now imagine getting up from the hammock in which you were physically lying, walking around in your physical body, (which feels such a gift to live in!) whilst, realising that this easy bliss you are feeling has always been who you truly are…magnified by the fact that you are aware you are only just consciously touching the echelons of bliss possible! If my experience had words, this is close…


Of course, we all had our own unique experiences of touching this, from synchronicities that bypassed and turn off the ‘talking mind’, to the sensory bliss of nature flooding us with delight, or connecting to ourselves or another at a deeper level of presence and love.

What’s interesting is this experience imprint, both for me and others, did not vanish but strengthened and quietly anchored over the coming week after the retreat…initially this was somewhat unnerving. Myself and other participants were sharing in our private Facebook group comments about feeling dreamy, slightly spacey – that this dreamy feeling was essentially valid, but they were wondering how  to integrate this new state of being with how they were living before… Questions arose such as ‘ Should I be more grounded?’ ‘How does this dreamer me and the daily practical self relate?’…


Actually practical life was happening fine, things were getting done, however my ‘should’s and oughts’ had nothing to hang onto.  Those things that ‘had no energy’ for me before…really had no energy now! What I now know about the dreamer state is that it’s soo light, it does not have enough substance to ‘push’ it into doing something!  From this state we can only use actions that align fully with our grace and intention to move forward.

In fact it is its very lightness that makes it so key, because from this state we can create through synchronicity, discover the greatest possibility in each moment, and receive the inspirations we are wanting on who we are and where are we going.  It’s this  peak state of blissfulness, (if we know how to fully embody it) that can inform some of our best decisions and enable us collectively to dream a new world into being.

As I was sharing my experience with my friend CoffeeShopGuru, she uttered the fabulous words, ‘it’s not about letting go the dream, but raising up your reality to meet it’… of course – this is the alchemy journey of our dreamer potential now!

  1. We are firstly consciousness and Being – this infuses all aspects of our experience. What if we can tap into Being first, rest on it like the infused light pillow I surrendered back into, then live life from here? What would be possible then?
  2. Creating your own realitymeans really vividly, blissfully valuing, sharing and merging yourself with your dreamer potential. This is a conscious practice. Our current culture values material outer reality over inner spiritual, beingness. The dreamer says – ‘wait a sec, isn’t it all one?’ and reminds us that ‘imagineering’, is the only technology of innovation that works and our future and present potential exist in the words beyond the next ‘what if?’  To live this is a daily practice, not a one time enlightenment.
  3. So this new lightness and expansion I feel while different from ‘normal life’ is full of rightness – it’s just asking me to understand how to walk, act and be in my true nature as a dreamer.   We are collectively learning how to welcome and entrain our outer reality to rise up and meet the lightness and possibility of the dreamer. An entirely new and more potent enquiry than how to deal with what some call the ‘coming back down to earth’ feeling!


I should add, as a multi-disciplinary healer, teacher of healing and the energy body. I’m well aware that one of the most inviting and healing opportunities for many of us, (and perhaps especially us women) is embodiment and working with the wisdom of the lower chakras. This for me is actually part of awakening to the dreamer potential.   It is in fact our lack of understanding of this dreamer state that means the dreamer has been falsely identified as someone who ‘floats off up there and out of the body’. To clarify, although being deeply connected to more than your physical body is part of dreaming,  what people are often describing when talking about this is not dreaming, but rather an unconscious fleeing of physical reality.

The Potent Dream time is recognising embodiment AND your total awesome dreamer potential. It says; ‘you are here now in this body, and you are everywhere. Now you know this through actual experience, how will you live?’  This is a subtle distinction that can only really be ‘known’ through experience, which is one of the reasons why experiential events and programs that facilitate a space to ‘grok’, (= know in the very marrow of your being) this are essential.

The practice of living the dream state has ancient roots and is one that is known well in shamanic traditions and for those who live closely to the earth and stars, at one with their hearts and ‘deep self’.   For example, when I visited New Zealand on sacred pilgrimage, it became apparent that the collective dreamer realm was actually a stronger reality there, (where current human society as we know it is only 800 or so years old) than the mini-mind constructs! In NZ, we were taught in our dreams, and the distinction between imaginal realms and walking down the mainstreet in Auckland seemed blurred!  We saw the questions that came from our lips answered instantly in the world around us and our dreams manifest through our days with swift grace.


Right now we have the ability to re-dream our world. To create from the dream in a tangible way that means our actions and way of living rests on this bed of light. The positive potential of living this collectively is immense, and my experience of gathering with others to do this is it could be much closer than we think.

From my own experience of growing into a conscious dreamer I have combined simple, yet potent practices of authentic ceremony, activating your Intuition Compass and compassion, discovering the delight of synchronicity as a doorway of abundance, and alchemy as the rich path and territory of making it happen.

I have so much I want to share with you on all of this! My dreamer is holding the space of awakening to our radiance, and I invite you to join me. If this excites you send me a Facebook message, or email, let me know what it is that inspires your dreamer to awaken.

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