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Being your Authentic Self and overcoming the ‘Success Syndrome’

In Gina Lazenby’s interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard last week she talked about how many people are stuck in the ‘Success Syndrome’ which is preventing them from seeing and having the confidence to live their full creative purpose. Waking up to the ‘Success Syndrome’ is such a pivotal moment in the journey of transformation. It’s the […]

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Auric Field

Six Ways to Clear and Energise your Auric field

Have you ever felt like you’ve picked up energy that you didn’t want and weren’t sure how to get rid of it? Or perhaps you’ve gone into a social situation where you wanted to be fully present and alive, yet felt as if you were literally shrinking and involuntarily making yourself smaller before your own […]

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2015-07 full moon

Full MOON Ritual to create Magic

This last new moon was a really powerful one and this FULL moon is continuing the theme,  so I thought I would share a simple ritual you can complete to work harmoniously with the Full Moon energies. This full Moon also falls on Earth Day where people all around the world are celebrating and loving […]

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2016 CR Blog Yinyangwomanman

Intuitive Healing for your Inner Woman and Man

Your Inner Woman and Man represent your feminine and masculine energy that, when healthy, enables you to flow with life with ease and fulfillment. They are also absolutely key to your ability to create, manifest and achieve your goals. However, often these energies can become imbalanced, causing challenges on many levels from physical health to […]

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1602 cr blog emotional light

Why Clear Intuition comes from a Clear Energetic field

In my work as a healer, I learnt quite quickly that my ability to discern what’s happening in the client’s energetic field is greatly helped by the ‘clear space’ around me and my client. For example, on the outer level the room needs to be clean and tidy as well as having been energetically cleared. […]

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Monkey2016 200x200

5 ways to create lasting change in this year of the Fire Monkey

On Monday 8th February we enter into the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey! The Fire Element of transformation combined with the active, risk taking, energetic, intelligent, lover of the new and interesting Monkey energy offers an opportunity to jump into the new and take leaps and bounds forwards through play.   However, if […]

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Are your new year’s resolutions looking the wrong way?

We are ready and ‘soul designed’ to dream our year ahead into being, however…I know that many people at this time of year are avoiding new year’s resolutions because they feel so heavy energetically, like they are correcting ‘bad behavior’ from the last year and being punished and promising to do better next time! …Unsurprisingly […]

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blessing beauty

An Ocean of Gratitude

We are at a special time of year when, just sometimes, we give ourselves space to stop, be, reflect and appreciate the year we have just had. I often feel that a massive part of our collective healing and awakening journey is to let go of the rush, stop and appreciate what we have experienced […]

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